Optimize Windows 10

How to Optimize Windows 10

If you’re an enthusiastic gamer, then you probably know that Windows 10 is a great OS for gamers because it assimilates many useful features and programs. But just like previous versions of Windows, there are still some tweaks to get the best gaming experience out of your PC with Windows 10!

In this article, we will show you how to optimize Windows 10 for gaming in order to get the best performance out of your system. With these simple tweaks, even if you don’t have a powerful enough computer, it can still be used with games that require an intense graphical setup.

Most of these tweaks will require a restart to take effect. We recommend applying all the tweaks separately then restarting. Try out these Windows 10 optimization guides for better gaming experiences.

Here 10 tips to Optimize Windows 10 for Better Gaming

1. Delete all the unnecessary files

I recommend you delete all the unnecessary files viz. movies, pictures, word documents on your computer. If such files are not in use anymore and can’t be accessed then do away with them so that you have more space for games! Remember The more space there is available to play around in, the better chances of a good gaming session – after deleting these old unused items from your hard drive it’ll speed up too!

2. Remove old applications 

Now, check the apps that you have on your computer. Go to Control Panel < Programs < Uninstall a program. Look for old apps that you don’t need anymore and uninstall them. You have to restart your computer for the app to be completely removed.

Optimize Windows 10

Once you have gone through the Control Panel to uninstall unused apps, go through your Universal Apps. Go to Start and scan for news apps or any other app that is not being used in the main area of Start Menu as well as all lists of installed programs on Windows 10 system which includes what has been downloaded from the internet like torrent sites.


Remove those unnecessary applications/files by right-clicking them then selecting Uninstall option so they do not take up space when there are more important files and documents needed such as a resume template, business cards design software program, etc., especially if it’s an old one with security holes (malware). Once everything else has been uninstalled after scanning the start menu list of universal application(s) click the Restart button

3. Update Your Windows

It is important to make sure your computer has up-to-date software. Go to Start < Settings < Update & Security and click on the Check for updates button, then run any system upgrades that show up. This could reboot your machine; if it does not do so automatically after installation, go ahead and restart as a precautionary measure anyway.

4. Fine-tune Your Windows 10 Visual Effects

The graphical user interface of Windows 10 is an impressive feat. The interface runs smoothly and the visuals are pleasing to look at all without sacrificing power! All these effects make using your computer a pleasurable experience, but it does come with some downsides for folks who want their machine’s performance as high as possible.

If you are more concerned with power for gaming, it might be worth turning off these effects. To do so, go to Start > Settings and type “Performance” in the search box. Then select Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows from this window that pops up – make sure to uncheck any effects that don’t interest you!

5. Disable the Automatic Update option and Restart your computer

Windows 10 is great at updating itself, but for best performance, you do not want it downloading and installing updates at just about any time. If you have Windows 10 Pro, though, on your computer with this version of the OS installed there are a few settings that allow you to set timing windows when these things happen.

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Home edition does not let users change those settings however so if that’s what type of PC or laptop they’re using then no matter how much people may prefer different update schedules they’ll need to make their peace with whatever Microsoft chooses as its own specifications here!

Turn off Windows Updates to avoid interruptions while gaming. Go to Start > Settings > Update and Security, then turn off the feature by clicking on Change active hours in order to set aside a time for updates without any accidental interferences that could ruin your game!

6. Run a Virus or Malware Scan

You may not know, but your computer is at risk of running with malware or spamware. Watch out for spyware when you are browsing the web! If you have been on any websites and receive pop-up ads that look like they were hacked, please ask help from a professional to clean it off before anything gets too bad.

A virus can be harmful in many different ways: data could get corrupted and deleted; programs might stop working properly; passwords could become inaccessible due to encryption by malicious software products – so make sure you download an antivirus program online if something does go wrong!

7. Run disk cleanup

Windows 10 has been out for a while now, but did you know that it can be hard to find the time to clean up those temporary files and other installation files? Luckily there’s an easy way: running Disk Cleanup on your system.

To make space on your computer, press Windows Key + R. In the dialog box that pops up type cleanmgr and hit Enter. Once you see a pop-up window with checkboxes of possible storage areas to clear out, scan through until you find any sections that seem useful or annoying to keep around over time like logs files (they’re just taking up valuable disk space) or temporary files from downloads after installation is complete for its own sake

’til they no longer serve any purpose. Then click “Clean Up System Files”. This will take you back into Disk Cleanup where there are options available such as cleaning old versions of Windows too! If updates have been left unattended in their original form post-install then go ahead and update

8. Run Disk Optimization

Now that you have gotten rid of all the old files and apps from your system, it is time to optimize your disk. Although Windows 10 will do this for you on a set schedule, it is recommended that you do so yourself as well-you’ve already applied various tweaks! This not only defragments your hard drive but also speeds up file locating speed.

You can optimize your disk by starting at the Settings menu and typing Defrag in the search bar. The list of hard drives will be displayed, which we’ll choose to focus on C Drive as this is typically where Windows resides. Highlight it and then click Optimize button. Ensure that you have selected C drive again before pressing Optimize a second time for another process start-up screen with an estimated completion length.

9. Update Your Computer Drivers

Getting your drivers updated is the most important thing for a smooth gaming session. Software updates are often necessary as different companies need to run tests or they have new features and fixes that must be released. However, not all software manufacturers will release these updates at the same time; therefore you should always make sure to check if there’s an update before beginning your game sessions.

The best way to avoid any problems when playing video games is by making sure that everything on our computer has been properly installed, including both hardware (video card) and software (drivers). This ensures we get uninterrupted gameplay with minimal delays between loading screens while also ensuring no glitches happen during playtime!

The video card drivers are an essential part of your computer. You’ll need to visit the website for your manufacturer and download them so that you can run certain tasks, like playing games or watching movies online. If it turns out that you don’t have a driver installed yet but want to play some new game with friends right away? 

No worries! We’ll walk through how easy it is to get one: first, click Start > Typing Device Manager in order to see what type of device we’re dealing with here – then open up our favorite browser window and go straight onto the manufacturers’ site where they should be able to start searching automatically as soon as we upload all necessary information about my specific model into their search bar. After downloading everything needed.

10. DirectX 12

Microsoft has made a lot of changes to DirectX 12, the latest version. To check your current software installation and its level (11 or older), navigate through Start > Run > dxdiag> DirectX Version. If you’re currently using an outdated install; upgrade immediately for access to all the new features available in this newest iteration!

Final Word– How to Optimize your Windows 10 For better Gaming

A few tweaks for Windows 10 performance improvement can help you be at the top of your game. We suggest trying these to improve your overall gaming experience. If there are any other tweaks that we might have missed out on, comment below and let us know!