how to find clients for voice over job

Find clients for voice over job

In this article I will let you know how to find clients for voice over job but before you get started let’s know what is voice over job?

What is Voice over? 

Working as a freelancer is not as easy as it was a few years ago. Today I will be talking about a freelancing category which is less competitive and has huge demand in the freelancing sector. For this all you need is a microphone, a computer with low configuration and little bit of sound editing skill that’s all. So the sector I am talking about is called Voice over. If you are new to this sector, a question may arise to your mind “what is voice over?”.

Voice over is nothing but recording script or story with your microphone. It may sound silly but trust me as a voice over artist I have been earning since 2015 as a voice over artist. You can earn a good amount of money just simply by recording your voice. 

How can you find a client for a voice over job?

find clients for voice over

Once you have an established profile then it is not a big deal to find clients or buyers for voice over jobs but for a new voice over artist it’s hard to find clients easily. In this article I will be talking about all the probable ways to find clients for voice over artists.

How can you find client for your voice over job

You can find your client in different ways.  Today in this article I’ll show you all the ways you can find a client and contact your client. After doing a lot of research  I found there are three ways you can find your client; those are  by freelancing websites, by social media and by manually contacting them. 

If you don’t like reading then watch this video below to get practical information.

Find client on freelancer website 

This is the professional way to find clients for your voice over job. All you have to do just make an account on different freelancing websites like Fiverr, Freelancer, people per hour, upwork etc. The process is almost the same for all freelancing websites. Clients will find you by searching on that freelancing platform or you can make an offer on their post. But for beginners it is quite hard to find clients because almost every client wants an experienced voice over artist with some good reviews. That’s why on freelancing websites it’s hard to find clients at beginner level but once you get some good reviews you won’t have to look back.


How to find find client on social media

This is the easiest way anyone can find a client for your voice over job. There are a lot of social media platforms like; facebook, instagram, linked, twitter or even youtube. On facebook, instagram, twitter or Linked you can make an account or page with the details of your freelancing services that you can provide. 

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Among those social media platforms I found Linked is the most powerful and strong social media platform for freelancers and it is very search friendly. Another great thing you can do is make a youtube channel where you can upload your videos as a sample. This way you can show your sample to clients and also clients can find you by searching your keyword. 

How to manually contact the buyer

This is one of the best ways to find buyers outside of a freelancing website. All you have to do is find some foreign language popular youtube channel and go to their about section to find their email address. Then make a professional email to them about your service and make them contact you for voice over. 

Finally I would say there are a lot of opportunities there as a voice over artist just keep consistency and keep moving.