chrome remote desktop

Chrome remote desktop

Nowadays technology is much more advanced, Now to use your PC you don’t have to keep it with you all the time. Now you can easily access your computer from anywhere in the world with the help of Chrome Remote Desktop.

What is Chrome Remote Desktop?

With just an internet connection, you can use your computer from thousands of miles away, just like you do every day. While there are many remote control apps, the Chrome Remote Desktop is the best. Which is very easy to use, requires very little resources to use, and supports large operating systems.

How to use Chrome Remote Desktop.

Needless to say, you must have some configuration to use this great tool. However, once you configure it, you can use it next time without doing anything. After logging in to your Google Account, first, visit the official website of Chrome Remote Desktop. Click on the Get Started option on the page. When the new page opens, click on Set up remote access.

This will take you to the Chrome extension store. Then install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension. Now, Your PC is ready for remote access. If you have a technical assistant or want someone else to access your PC, you can also enable it. For this, you need to create a code.

First, go to the Chrome Remote Desktop and you will see two tabs there. Then click on the Remote Support tab. You can generate code by clicking there. One thing to keep in mind, each code will work for five minutes, then it won’t work anymore.

How to access it remotely by Chrome Remote Desktop:

Let’s take a look at how to connect to your PC remotely. First, go to Chrome Remote Desktop and click Remote Support and connect with the code in Give Support.

chrome remote desktop
chrome remote desktop: access code

But you have to have someone on your PC at that moment to generate the code. If you want to connect without anyone’s help then how to do it is given at the end of this article.

Once connected with the code a window will appear and then you need to click on Share. Once connected, you can see many options to adjust your screen size. Click Stop Sharing to disconnect.

Taking access to without anyone’s help.

You can add your device to the Chrome Remote Desktop so you don’t have to create code every time or don’t need someone else’s help to access it. First go to Chrome Remote Desktop, click on the Remote Access tab. Then click on Turn On. Then enter a PIN number to remember to get easy access from a distance. You will see that your PC is saved. Now you can easily get this device by entering Chrome Remote Desktop.

However, keep in mind that your device will be saved in a specific Google account. Be sure to use the same account the next time you use Chrome Remote Desktop. However, if your PC is in Sleep Mode, it will not be connected, keep in mind.

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Chrome remote desktop facility.

Let’s see why using Chrome Remote Desktop and some of its benefits.

  • You can access your PC/Laptop from anywhere in the world.
  • It is very easy to use and has a user-friendly environment.
  • No additional resources are required.
  • All the benefits of Remote Desktop are available without any heavy software installation.


When we are away from home, we may need an important file on our PC, you can use the Chrome Remote Desktop to get the file right away or you can use it on your PC when you need to go on vacation.