Change location on Opentalk

My dear friend today I am going to show you how you can change location on open talk or set fake location on Open Talk. Not only OpenTalk this trick works for any software where you need to show your location. Now you can ask me:

What is OpenTalk and why I should change location on open talk?

Answer: Opentalk is a mobile application for practicing speaking English, not only this you can make new friends all around the World by using this software. Sometimes you need to hide your location or change your location if you feel insecure or want to make fun. And also this trick will help you to talk partner from your fake location. Before getting started, let’s see some of the features of openTalk.

  • Million of speaking English partner you can find there 
  • This application is totally free you don’t have to pay anything for that.
  • It is very user-friendly and speedy. 
  • If you get bored or harassed by any user you can simply block him
  • There is no annoying advertisement there.
  • You can send messages or voice note there
  • You can talk with any specific country or gender
  • If you like poetry saying then you can reveal your voice talent there in the voice talent section.

To download open Talk click here.

To know more about Open Talk click here

How to change location on open talk or set fake location on OpenTalk?

Install Fake GPS app:

Click here to install fake GPS. If anything wrong with this link just go to your android play store and search for fake GPS.

how to set fake location on open talk

Turn on Developer mode:

Now its time to turn on developer mode. To turn on developer mode go to your phone settings>System>about phone> then you will see phone build number. Tap the build number seven times continuously.

change location on open talk

Allow mock location:

Go back to the system settings from about the phone option. Now you will see a new option name developer option click that.

change location on open talk

Then scroll below and click “select mock location app”. From there click your fake GPS app.

Screenshot 20190927 193858 1 | Learning-Bin - Learn online Earn online

Set your fake location:

Open your fake GPS app. Find your desired place where you want to set your location. And click this play button. 

Update your Opentalk location:

Now open your Open Talk app and go to profile. Click on update my location, you will see magic. People will see your new location. You successfully changed your location.

To understand practically I would recommend you to watch the below video