Is a scam or legit website?

You will see, is a very popular website in terms of ranking. They say they pay for just watching videos. Their payment is too high. Even just watching a video can earn you up to $10. But the question is, is it really true or false? Is it really possible to earn  $10 by watching a video?

Friends, in today’s article we will discuss We will discuss, Does really pay? Or like all other websites, is it a scam website? And how does website work?

What is website?

You can say, is a video watching platform. There will be some random videos on the homepage of the website. You can earn money by watching videos from here. In addition to watching videos, you can earn money through referral links from here.

How to earn money from

They said, You can earn money from here in two ways. First: You can earn money by watching videos on website. Second: You can earn money from through a referral link. 

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How much can you earn from

On their FAQ page. They claimed, from website you can earn up to $0.50 per minute, up to $30 per hour, up to $90 per day(just by 3 hours of working), up to $2700 per month just by watching videos. Not only this, you can earn 40% from your referral link. 

Is a scam or legit website?

To find out if they really pay, You have to do some research on website. Don’t worry, I have already done all the research for you. Just keep reading the article. At the end of the article you will find out by yourself whether are legit or a scam website. So let’s dig the website.

  1. Why did use the .xyz domain name?

You know there are thousands of extensions for domain names. Like; .com, .net, .info, .org, .co, .io blah blah blah. Different domains have different prices. However, only a few of those domains are called top level domains, like; .com, net, .org, .co. You will see this website used .xyz extension. 

See the image below. If you visit this web site (, you will see different prices of different domains. And among them .xyz extension is the lowest priced domain.
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And remember that websites come to scam, They buy all these cheap domains. Because they know, after a few days or months people will know they are scamming. And they have thousands of such websites. So they don’t waste money buying domains with more money. Their purpose is for a short time, If they succeed, they shut down their website. So there is no question of making thousands of such websites with high priced domains.

  1. website age;

Look at the image below, On website footer, This site saying their website is running science 2007.

Trust me, after seeing this I just can’t stop laughing. Look at the Image below. If you click here( domain checker), You will see, Just one month ago they(december 2020) registered this domain. But to gain your attraction/trust they are lying. 

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  1. Similar website;

There are a lot of websites using the same template. Some of them are already banned, some of them still running, they have the same template and all are scam. Find your website from the below list;

Aesvideon Apavideon Apvideon Aqvideon. Atuvideon Atyvideon Awvideon Aypvideon Azvideon Blovideo Bxevideon Clevideon. Eefvideon Eenvideon Egavideon Egavideon Egevideon Eluvideon Epuvideon Ervideon Eugvideon Eugvideon Eunvideon Exvideon Exvideon Fcyvideon Fetvideon Ghevideon Gqavideon Gwevideon Ialvideon Iaqvideon Iarvideon Icavideon Icvideon Idivideon Ifvideon Iluvideon Imivideon Imvideon Ivideon. Ionvideon Iorvideon Iovvideon Ipuvideon Iryvideon Itvideon Ixovideon Jbevideon Jemvideon Jnvideon Lpovideon Mfivideo Mkyvideon Mzivideon Nkyvideon Ocvideon Oenvideon Oetvideon Ogavideon. Oipvideon Okevideon Onvideon Otivideon Ouwvideon Owvideon Phjvideon Ppivideon Psyvideon Qfovideon Rnivideon Shivideon Uaqvideon Uarvideon Ubovideon Udvideon Uefvideon Uelvideon Ufvideon Uicvideon. Uohvideon Uvevideon Vrivideon Wcjvideon. Wtovideon Xtuvideon Ycuvideon Yfavideon Ymvideon Ypivideon. Ypvideon Yxvideon Zdivideon

Fake Payment list:

Look at the screenshots below, not only these two all the websites I listed above have the same list I mean name on the recent payment list. 

Recent payment of Gwevideon;

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Recent payment of;

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Conclusion: Don’t Trust any website that claims huge payment without doing nothing.