review review: scam or Legit?

There are too many sites on the internet. They said they will give you huge money For doing some kinds of simple tasks like doing online surveys, watching videos, installing games, etc. But trust me most of them are scammer. Maybe a few of them are real, but it’s very hard to trust those side because most of them are scammer. Dear friend In this article you will know is that a real site or just another fake scam site? We will research all the things having on their website. So without any further talking lets dig their website. 

What is

First, you should know what is, They claim, is an influencer network site, They will give you real money just for doing some simple job like; 

  • Viewing advertisement
  • Installing and playing games
  • Sharing their website links
  • Referring friends to their websites
  • Doing online surveys
  • Etc

Now the question is really pays you or not?

There are several ways to check a site is that real or fake. You must check those things, before working on those websites. If you do not check those things and if that site really scams then you may lose your important things like your money, time and information.

How to know is scam or real?

Dear friend in this post I have discussed all the things about, but if you like to watch a video rather than reading the post you can watch this video below.

In this article, we will go through some of the important things given on like;

  1. Founding members.
  2. Contact Information.
  3. site’s age.
  4. Their Testimonials.
  5. Payment way review 1: Founding members-

If you hit over their about page you will find their website founding member’s list, and there you will see some pretty girl photo list. They said those are their CEO (Kiya Kramaric), Marketing Head (Maria Shimfera), Content Head (Isika Rostova) and Project Manager (Maya Zukostia). Trust me all of them are fake and some random girls photo collected from the internet. Let’s prove it. Just download any photo of those girls. review 1: Founding members review 1: Founding members-

Now go to then click on the camera icon and upload that girl photo, finally click on the search icon. review 1: Founding members review 1: Founding members-

What do you see now? HAHA! You will see a lot of websites having that girl photo. Trust me all of those are fake too. It’s just a random photo collected from the internet and fake people are using it. I hope you got my point. review 2: Contact Information- review 2: Contact Information review 2: Contact Information-

If you go to the bottom of their website you will see their contact information(+1-202-555-0199,970 Pine Road, West Deptford, NJ 08096, Now copy those addresses and search it on google. Look at the photo below I found this when I searched on google. This is just a random house address from the internet and that house even listed for sale. review 2: Contact Information review 2: Contact Information- review 3: site’s age- 

If you go to their payment proof page, you will see they have a photo that said they paid that money in February 2019. review 3: site’s age review 3: site’s age- 

Let’s check their domain registration information. Visit Now in the search box type and hit enter. Scroll and see this domain Created on 2019-12-27 review 3: site’s age review 3: site’s age- 

I hope you understand they are big fraud and all those things made by photoshop. And also look over their domain registration information they have not given any physical address, That means in future they have a big plan to scam. review 4: Their Testimonials-

Go to their homepage and see there is a section called testimonials. review 4: Their Testimonials review 4: Their Testimonials

Do you believe its real? No, it’s not. Just keep your cursor to any of those testimonials not right-click on your mouse and click inspect element. review 4: Their Testimonials review 4: Their Testimonials

If you have a little bit of knowledge of web designing and developing you will understand it’s not any user input it just a div made by them just a bunch of texts nothing else. review 4: Payments proof-

I have tried my best to make you understand this site is not legit. They are scamming. But still, if you do not believe that go work there you will see they have so much condition to withdraw money. No matter, whatever you do they will not give you any money. 

So, what’s the plan of socialbounty site maker?

Actually, most of scam site maker make this kind of site for a different reason like;

  • They will make you pay for them(to withdraw money)
  • To collect your information. Like bank information, address, mobile number, email, etc.
  • They will sell your information to others.
  • They will scam on your inbox.
  • They will send you some bad links. If you click that link you can lose your PayPal, Facebook or other important things.


So don’t trust them. Remember earning money is not that easy. Before thinking earning try to learn something. You can see my 18 FASTEST WAYS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE

Thank You so much. Have a nice day.