canon photo culling app

Canon Photo Culling app

We capture many photos just for perfect photography that we need to delete later. Maybe the model closed her eyes or she looked away while capturing a photo. Then those pictures get ruined. Sometimes we use burst settings. That means you can take a lot of photos with a single click.

As a result, your storage may become full of unnecessary images, and deleting them at the same time can be quite annoying. Thanks to Canon it has released a new app that will do your job automatically. Canon USA has launched a Photo Culling app in the App Store that will help you find your best photos quickly and easily. The app is free but for some extra pro features, you have to pay $14.99 a year or $2.99 a month. Both subscription packages have a three-day trial.

Tatsuro, executive vice president of Canon USA, said, “In today’s ever-changing and irresistible world, where thousands of photos are captured and stored on a person’s smartphone, It requires an expert, reliable and intuitive photo tool for consumers, to help decide the best photos based on years of trusted knowledge and technology.”

Canon Photo Culling app

Canon’s application is called the canon Photo Culling app, which is powered by Photography Intelligence Learning or PHIL Artificial Intelligence. PHIL will suggest which photos you should keep and which ones you should delete.

Features of Canon Photo culling app

The app’s Whole Culling option is great for portrait photography. When you select this option, PHIL will select the best images based on four variables as Sharpness, Noise, Emotions. Moreover, with an option like Culling, you can choose the best for you by comparing scores between almost the same photos.

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Whichever Culling option you choose, if the score of a photo exceeds the target you set, the photo will be considered correct. PHIL will then suggest deleting the remaining photos that did not score enough.

Other features of this app include photo count, storage space display information, photo albums, parameter settings for photo scores, and the option to use dark mode.

This great Canon photo culling app will save you a lot of time and effort. The app is not yet available for Android, but it is coming soon.