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best web browser

The Best Web Browser:

Whenever you want to browse the internet, the first thing we do is open your web browser, whether it could be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or any others. 

A web browser is a tool we use to browse the internet, all the browsers are not the same. Some of them may offer features that others don’t and the browser you prefer to use will impact how safe you are browsing the internet and also how quickly you can surf the web pages you want to view. But, most people don’t understand this. They think all the browsers are the same, and so they stick with the browser that becomes default on their computer, laptop or phone, or they just continue to use the browser they’ve always done.

But this is not a good way. We give so much time online so, we should make sure we are having the most excellent probable experience. To assist you to get the best choice, we’ve studied the many various browsers out there and reach up with our list of the greatest web browsers for 2020.

What is a Web Browser?

Before examining the best web browsers of 2020, it’s necessary to know what exactly a web browser is. This will assist you completely know why it’s necessary to find the most suitable one.

In easy terms, a web browser is a machine that gets information on the internet and presents it for yourself on your machine. It reads codes on websites that tell it where data or information is and what it should see like. To get the information, it uses what you type into the browser URL bar, and then once discovered, it presents the HTML codes (the technical web language for the internet) discovered on that website and turns them into plain text, pictures, video, etc.

In other words, the principle we’re used to viewing on the internet all the time. In most circumstances, browsers also collect data about websites you’ve visited before, a convenient feature that assists make your internet activity faster and more comfortable. In various ways, the invention of the web browser in 1990 by Tim Berner-Lee assisted give way to the current internet. It made it possible for users to obtain information saved on remote networks, assisting to build the web as we know it today, which seems to be one large network but which is a mixture of many different systems.

As a result, you can imagine your web browser as a gateway to the internet. No one except those with a huge level of scientific expertise can reach the web without one and that should be cause enough to make you need to get the best one.

Why Your Web Browser Matters?

Even if you know what exactly a browser is, you might still be asking why it does matter which one you should use. After all, they may appear to do the same stuff.

But this is an oversimplification of how a web browsers run. Yes, in the end, they all do the related thing, they offer you with the internet. But every web browser is made separately, which indicates it interacts with your machine differently and also influences the type of activity you can have on the web.

As a result, when deciding a web browser, you must understand what you want to do for as this will assist make it simpler for you to pick something that will surely meet your requirements.

The Best Internet Web Browsers of 2020

It should now be clear that getting the right web browser is important. So, to assist you, we’ve studied the many various options and got with a list of the best browsers in 2020.

1. Google Chrome Browser

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best web browser: Google Chrome Browser

About two-thirds of all internet users prefer Google Chrome as their default browser

Pros of Google Chrome Browser

  • One glance at Google Chrome and it’s clear to see why this is the case. It has the minimalist design to maximizes the viewing window, meaning you can see more content on one page than with other web browsers.
  • Google Chrome runs on a broad range of devices/machines, and as everything is interconnected by your Google account, you can experience seamless transitions among devices. For example, if you add s bookmark on your pc, you will be able to see it on your mobile phone. also, if you’re viewing a site on one device you can immediately adjust to view it on other devices. Of course, other web browsers do it the same way but google having major devices and it came default way.
  • One big plus about Google Chrome is, it has countless extensions. like apps, extensions are combined to your web browser and leave you to customize your browsing activity. These extensions are created by Chromium. By providing us even more ideas to choose Google Chrome as the most dependable browser.
  • Another thing we love about the Google Chrome browser is its importance on security. For example, Google now puts heavy importance on HTTPS, which is a type of webpage code that makes it secure to browse and stay away from hackers, and it makes it easy to understand when you’re on a site that makes you unsafe.
  • And finally, Google Chrome continues the fastest browser experience on the market, and this is the big reason why it has been able to maintain such a high share of the web browser market.

Cons of Google Chrome Browser

  • However, Google Chrome isn’t without its defects. The biggest point it has against it is that it uses a lot of your device’s memory or RAM. This indicates that when using Chrome, mainly when you have many tabs and windows open, the rest of your apps will be slow down. And you can do it. That is built into the heart functioning of the web browser.
  • Another bad side to Chrome is privacy. It’s part of Google service, which means, you know your all activity is being tracked and logged by Google. Google declares this is done to give you better service, but many feel this is a breach of privacy, and concerns have been asked about what Google does with all this data. Whether or not this is mattering is up to you.
  • But even with these disadvantages, Chrome endures the browser to beat.


2. Mozilla Firefox Browser

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best web browser: Mozilla firefox

Although fewer than 10% of users prefer Firefox as their default browser, we assume this will improve soon. This is because Mozilla has approached some of the attention surrounding its browser in the latest update, and this may help them recover some of the ground they’ve lost over the past years; Firefox was once the best browser of choice for a bulk of users.

Pros of Mozilla Firefox Browser

  • Part of the reason we assume Firefox to grow more popular is that its latest update made it much, much quicker. So much so that it can now fight with Google Chrome. And as Firefox doesn’t rely nearly as much on your machine memory or RAM, you can browse at high-speeds without worrying about losing your machine’s capacity to do other jobs.
  • Firefox also gives few security features, like password-less login, which assists build in two-factor authentication to nearly all you do, as well as a system that allows you to block ad trackers, something somebody interested in keeping some shred of privacy on the internet will love.
  • Part of the reason Firefox is made this way is that Mozilla continues a non-profit organization and Firefox is open-sourced software. This indicates anyone can work on it and developers aren’t driven by money, so there are not as many reasons to make the browser work to track your data and movement.

Cons of Mozilla Firefox Browser

  • In truth, there isn’t a group of things we don’t like about Firefox. But if we had to take, it would be the browser extensions. They also have countless extensions, but not approximately as many as Google Chrome has, mainly because Chrome is the most popular web browser. It’s also reasonable some of your favorite web sites or apps don’t support a Firefox extension, which can be frustrating for you.
  • The other point to look out for is how Firefox becoming popular. As discussed, it’s so high up on this record because of some big changes done over the past few years. If developers can’t save this up, expect Firefox to suffer.

 3. Microsoft Edge Browser

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best web browser: Microsoft Edge Browser

Although Microsoft used to control the browser market with Internet Explorer. However, things have changed, particularly now that Edge is on the web market.

Pros of Microsoft Edge Browser

  • Edge first started as part of the Windows 10 default browser and it remained an afterthought to most, but since then, it has grown considerably. It’s one of the quicker browsers out there, but it doesn’t use too many of your computer’s memory or RAm, which is great.
  • Microsoft partnered with Google to start Edge and built it using Chromium, which indicates all the extensions you know and love on Chrome will run on Edge as well. Besides, you no longer require to have Windows to use Edge. It runs on a variety of machines, including iOS and Linux.
  • All of this has improved restore Microsoft as an important performer in the world of browsers. Now 14 percent of users prefer it as their default browser.

Cons of Microsoft Edge Browser

  • The downsides to Edge are mostly improving. The idea is not nearly as simple as with other browsers, and this points to a slightly lower-class experience.
  • Microsoft still actually pushes its browser as part of its Windows machine, which makes more sense but some users may find it a bit rude. Besides, Edge doesn’t allow the same levels of privacy as Microsoft is involved in your browsing records. If this is a concern for you, you can choose another web browser from this list.

4. Opera Web Browser

With just one percent of people are using Opera browser as their chosen browser, you might be shocked to see it so high up on this article, but when you get a look at its features and options, you’ll be astonished it’s not more popular like it should be.

Pros of Opera Web Browser

  • Reasonably the best thing about the Opera web browser is its Turbo feature. This operates by compressing data so that web pages can load more quickly, which gives this browser an excellent opportunity for those who are having slower internet connection or speeds.
  • This Turbo feature also bounds the amount of data that is assigned, so this is also a great portable option, particularly if you have a monthly limit data package.
  • In terms of design and layout, Opera is about a smooth as it goes, and it has many of the alike features as Google Chrome or Firefox, especially when it comes to running on tabs. Chrome and Firefox followed many of the features that Opera designed to improve their outputs.
  • Finally, Opera comes with some other neat features that help give it a bit strong. For instance, it has a combined ad blocker and a built-in Virtual Private Network (VPN), assisting you to have a safer and more private web browsing life.

Cons of Opera Web Browser

  • Although opera has some great features, it has also several downsides. For one, it doesn’t have so many extensions as Firefox and Chrome have, which could limit your capacity to use it with other machines or devices.
  • Also, Opera doesn’t offer the same device-to-device synchronization that we’ve become accustomed to with Chrome and Firefox.
  • But if you’re willing to look past these negatives, we think you will be pleasantly surprised with how Opera works and how it improves your web experience.

 5. Vivaldi Web Browser.

A nearly unknown browser, Vivaldi gives some attractive features that make trying it out worth of your time.

Pros Vivaldi Web Browser

  • Far and away the most useful feature of Vivaldi is the customization it enables you to do. You can arrange everything, from the window size, fonts, the menus, and many more.
  • Vivaldi also has an impressive feature that lets you to stack tabs on top of one another. This gives it easy to stay arranged as you’re working on many various things at once, and this is something you can currently just do with Vivaldi.
  • Finally, Vivaldi is also made by Chromium, which indicates you will become the full range of Chrome extensions at your end should you prefer to use them. All you require is to go to the Chrome store and tick “Add to Chrome.” The web browser will automatically install it up.

Cons Vivaldi Web Browser

  • Vivaldi web browser has two main problems. The 1st is that it is not as quick as the other browser, and the variations in speed are remarkable. Still, some may see this is a fair price to pay for a browser that lets you go so in-depth with your customization.
  • One other downside to Vivaldi is that there is a part of a training curve to making the largest of it. So many customizable points can do things a bit hard to operate. But if you can go over this and get to make use of the many various things Vivaldi can do, we think you’ll be satisfied. But we also know many people might not get it to this point.

6. Apple’s Safari browser

The last but not least browser on this list is Apple’s exclusive product: Safari browser.

Pros of Apple’s Safari browser

  • The principal advantage of Safari is that it operates seamlessly with all Apple devices. This gives a sense as Apple created Safari with its products in mind and vice versa.
  • But the specificity of the Safari web browser runs beyond only the surface. Using the Safari browser can also increase the overall activity of your Apple products, and in that case of iPhones and iPads, it can also assist increase battery life.
  • However, for everyone else, it doesn’t make enough sense. And it appears the world agrees with us – just six percent of all internet users prefer Safari, and the majority of them are partners of Apple devices.

Cons of Apple’s Safari browser

  • The first downside of the Safari browser is that it’s not the fastest browser like others. So, if you’re looking to maximize your browsing speed with which you can surf the internet, you should reasonably look for elsewhere.
  • Another major issue with the Safari browser is they don’t have many extensions like others have.

Find The Best Browser for You

As you can understand, we believe the data given here has helped you fully understand what a web browser is and how it affects your experience on the web, and we also believe that you’ll be capable to use this data to make the best choice that points you to the browser most satisfactory for your requirements.