5 most popular youtuber

Top 5 most popular YouTuber

There are a lot of video-watching platforms. But among those, Youtube is the most popular video-watching platform in the world. Everyone is watching youtube videos nowadays. Today, in this article, we will know the top 5 most popular Youtubers or youtube channels in 2021. Before knowing that let’s know some great information about this world’s largest video watching platform.

  • There are 60 hours of videos uploaded every minute on Youtube. That means, per second one hour of video uploading on Youtube. 
  • Over 5 billion videos are being watched daily on Youtube.
  • Every month over 1 billion unique visitors come visit youtube.
  • 70% of YouTube visitors come from outside the US
  • In 2020, YouTube got more than 2 trillion views.
  • YouTube pays out millions of dollars each year to their video creators.
  • YouTube is monetizing over 16 billion videos views per month globally.

So, Let’s know about the top 5 popular youtube channels in 2021. 

5. Kids Diana Show

5 most popular: Kids Diana show

Kids Diana show is the 5th most popular youtube channel in 2021. Right now this channel has 77.6M subscribers and a total of 55,106,925,797 views. This channel was started on their journey by Elena on 12 May 2015, before the birth of her daughter Diana. Elena began this youtube channel to share the videos of Diana with her friends, relatives, and her family person.

In this Youtube channel, videos are uploaded daily related to toys, vlogs, funny, water toys, travel, entertainment, etc. 

Visit Kids Diana show youtube channel.

4. SET India (Sony Entertainment Television)

5 most popular youtuber: SET India

SET India (Sony Entertainment Television) is the fourth most popular youtube channel. Right now, this channel has over 102 million subscribers. Sony Entertainment started its journey on Sep 21, 2006. The headquarters of Sony Entertainment Television located in Mumbai (Maharashtra), India.

At present, Sony Entertainment Television has 85,518,030,930 views. This YouTube channel is owned by Sony Pictures Networks, located in India. Sony Entertainment Television (SET India) to upload the video of the program of Disney channel and Disney movies. SET India also uploads the videos of the popular television show crime patrol and CID.

This channel used to upload other great shows like; famous Big brother, American fear factor show, and Bigg boss show. But, unfortunately, all these popular shows moved to a new Youtube television channel named Colours TV

Visit SET India (Sony Entertainment Television) youtube channel.


3. PewDiePie

5 most popular: PewDiePie

This channel is the third most famous channel on youtube. It has over 109 million subscribers and right now, this channel got 27,198,490,037 views.

The creator of the PewdiePie channel is Kjellberg. This Youtube channel started its journey on youtube on 29 April 2010. This channel has a total of 27,193,574,720 views at present. This Youtube channel uploads podcasts, playing games, play games, and different kinds of entertainment-related videos. They also cooperate with other popular youtube video creators. The video and content uploaded by PewDiePie are always new, short and fresh, on the current topic.

Visit the PewDiePie youtube channel.

2.Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes

5 most popular:  Cocomelon

Cocomelon- nursery Rhymes – is the 2nd most famous youtube channel in 2021. At present, this channel has 110 million subscribers.

The channel was created on 2 September 2006. The main motive of this channel is to provide free education. At present Cocomelon youtube channel has a total of 99,696,526,270 views. Cocomelon youtube channel is popular for its 3D animation videos in classical traditional rhymes and children’s songs.

Visit Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymesyoutube channel.

1. T -series

5 most popular: T series

T-Series Youtube channel was created on 13 March 2006. But they started making content in 2010. Right now, T-series got 180 million subscribers. This channel upload mainly entertainment-type videos. And T-series was founded by Gulshan Kumar on 11 July 1983 in Delhi, India.

Right now, T-series has a total 152,003,070,622 views and 15,308 videos.

Visit T-Series channel.