Google has banned the promotion of political advertising around the world. The search engine giant has imposed this stringency on advertisements targeting specific individuals or communities to influence voters. The policy will be implemented in the UK within a few weeks. Subsequently, this policy will be implemented in other countries of the world.

British news media BBC Online quoted a blog post by Scott Spencer, head of product management at the Google Ads division. In a blog post published on Wednesday, he said, “We recognize political dialogue as an important part of democracy.” No one can sensitively judge every political claim, counter-claim, and anger. However, the political advertising that we can take action will be limited. The only action will be taken if there is a clear policy violation.

On the other hand, the BBC reported that Google is going to enforce this restriction at the global level in promoting political campaigns on YouTube and Google search platforms. However, instead of running a campaign to match specific voter databases, there will be an opportunity to show ads based on a specific age, gender or location. However, if the ads on Google’s platform contain fraudulent statements, they will take action.