Facebook Dating: At present, many people are interested in establishing relationships online. And the number of Facebook users around the world is increasing day by day, and Facebook is also looking to exploit this opportunity. On September 23, Facebook launched its online dating service. However, on May 27, Facebook announced the new service.

Facebook states in their blog post that the Facebook Dating feature will help to create a reality-based and meaningful relationship between users. This service will try to reconcile the similarities between the two users. They also said that this dating service is safe, real and sorted. The user can also add his Instagram post directly to his dating profile. Facebook and Instagram stories can also be added.

Some conditions

Users will not be able to exchange pictures, videos, links or money here. But you can tell the date and time of dating on Facebook Messenger.

This option has been added to the Facebook menu bar but users more than 18 years old will have the opportunity to open a separate profile. If the person is interested in seeing someone’s profile then he can like or comment. 

How To Make A Facebook Dating Account?

There is no need to set up a separate account. No need to sign up with a different email. 

  • Just Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Click the menu bar. Below the profile, you will see a new menu called Dating above Friends.
  • Click Dating> Get Started> Next.
  • Select Who You Want To Dating With Men Or Women Or…
  • Then select the dating location.
  • If you want profile picture options, click Change or Next.
  • In the end, a review will come in front of you. Click on confirm.
  • It will then suggest some profiles in front of you.