How are all? Hope you are well. Today I will share with you a little tips. The current era is the era of smartphones, so now almost everyone has a smartphone in hand. One big question is why Android phones get hot like fire. Today my article is about solving such problems. So friends, let’s start this post.

The virus is responsible for the attack:

Virus is much responsible for heating the smartphone! So make sure your phone is virus free. Use antivirus to keep the virus free. Hopefully you will be benefitted.

Due to the battery:

Because of the battery, the phone gets hot. Therefore, the technique of extending the battery life of the phone must be learned. Because the longer your battery life lasts, the better your phone will be and will keep the phone from heating up.

Be careful when using apps:

Apps should be used in the field but be careful. Some apps can be dangerous particularly if you download from ThirstParty Appstore. So it’s best to download apps from the Google Play Store. Thirtyparty apps can contain a lot of viruses. So be careful about this issue.

Use of good quality charger:

You must use a quality charger. Remember bad/Low charger, is too much dangerous for the phone. So charge according to the model of the phone you use. When charging with a low-cost charger, the phone cannot charge properly. So the phone gets very hot.

Do not play continuous games for a long time:

Since this mobile phone is not a playground, long time playing game on the phone is not ok. Play games on time. The longer the game plays, the hotter the phone will be. So refrain from playing games for a long time.