Many flagship phones nowadays are water-resistant even to a certain extent, but mobile phones are traditionally kept out of the water. Water and mobile phones have a lot of “da-pumpkin” national connections. Of course, this is the case with all kinds of electronics. Even the submarine that runs underwater is made to be waterproof. So, let’s come back to the main point.

What should you do if your mobile phone is not waterproof and suddenly gets wet or falls into the water? Let’s know the answer to this question.

Turn off the phone:

Did You heard that song by James “I didn’t fall in love, love fall on me”? That could be the case. Let the mobile phone fall into the water, or let the water fall over the phone – whatever it is, turn the phone off immediately. And if the charger is mounted, disconnect the charger immediately. Don’t dare to charge your phone while it is wet.

If your phone having a removal battery then take it away, It will help to drain the battery.

One of the fastest disadvantages of water is it can shorten the circuit of the motherboard. If you are a science student, you must know what a short circuit is. As a student in another department, if you have an idea about the short circuit thing, that is your credit. This happens if electricity is flowing to your phone while it is wet. (There may be many more reasons). To avoid short circuits on wet phones, it is best to turn off the phone and turn off the battery.

Wash the phone:

Don’t be confused with the title. Do this only if your phone falls into the ocean or into a bowl of soup. Because seawater contains lots of salt that can damage your phone’s motherboard. So rinse the phone immediately in clear water. However, be careful. Otherwise, it can be contrary to defeat.

Not jarring with the phone at all:

Many people become afraid and try to take the water out of the phone by jarring. Don’t do this. Remember in that way the water will not come out, but the water can go deeper inside.

You can use silica gel:

Silica gel can be useful in times of danger. It’s a very good drying agent and it absorbs moisture quickly.

Do not use a hairdryer or micro oven:

Many people use hairdryer to dry the phone. But if you do it in the wrong ways, the hairdryer heat can damage your phone. And do not put the phone in the micro oven.

Wait for it to dry:

Wait for your phone to dry. It is advisable not to put it in direct sunlight. If you are of the hardware geek type and have appliances at home you can open the parts of the phone and allow it to dry.

Run to the service center:

If you can’t do that much, switch off the phone, open the battery (if possible) and head straight to the service center or mobile repair shop. Don’t waste a little time.

Did your phone ever get wet? Please share your experience with it in the comment section below.