We humans do forget much. If we do one thing, we forget to do another. And in this modern age, we are all busy. Moreover, this level of busyness is increasing day by day. This current one has to do a lot of multitasking in general.  

To ease your digital life, today I will talk to you about one of the tools that will allow you to easily handle your busy life. So let’s get started 

My Life Organized is a Flexible Task Management tool and you can use it on your Windows, iPhone, and Android devices. Also for Mac, this software development is working, hopefully in the next update, you will get the desired Mac version release. Pro version is $ 45.95 So I would recommend you try trial version software first if all your needs are met through this app then buy or otherwise don’t buy.

Let’s see My Life Organized features:

  • Creating To-Do List
  • Creating Hierarchy Outlines
  • Turning Hierarchy into a To-Do List
  • Set reminders based on location
  • Synced with Cloud
  • Creating Tasks via Email

Details of all the features are discussed below.

Creating To-Do List

You can easily create new tasks and checklists. With a nice user interface, you will find your checklist very quickly. It’s also very easy to rearrange your tasks with a drug and drop interface.

Creating Hierarchy Outlines

Creating simple To-Do lists is a simple matter, but what if you want to add a lot of sub-tasks to a task? No worries, you’ll be able to create Unlimited Tasks and numerous sub-tasks for that task with My Life Organized App. With this option, you can add complex tasks such as business plan or your wedding preparation task.

Turning Hierarchy into a To-Do List:

After you add date, context, and dependencies, My Life Organized will automatically create a smart list for items.

Set reminders based on location:

You can set your task according to the location when you go to that location, you will be given the information of that task following the location set in My Life Organized. If you go shopping, the notification of the shopping list you set will be sent. And if you are at home, the task that you have previously set for your home will send notification of the task.

Synced with Cloud:

My Life Organized can sync tasks from all devices, and that synced task is on top of all other tasks.

Creating Tasks via Email:

You can create a new task by sending an email to your In Life Organized Inbox. Also, if you want, you can convert these tasks to them and add them to the relevant project.

This way you won’t lose any of your important information, even when you’re far away and you can’t access the app.

In addition to the features of My Life Organized described above, there are many more features.

Download and install

My Life Organized is a very lightweight app, which is only 5 megabytes in size. Although small in size, it is an app for many things. Now you have to download and install the app as the details below will be discussed in detail, so that you have complete ideas about this app.  

How to Use My Life Organized

Creating a New Task: Using My Life Organized As Simple as Water, You Can Easily Use This App. However, I am going to show you that this app is something that will help you a lot. First, open the app, click on the “New Task” button from the top left corner to add a new task, and enter a name according to your task type.

Setting up the task date: Setting the date of the task is simple, right-clicking on the red box in the image will give you many options for setting the date. From there, select the date you want.

Creating Complex Tasks: Imagine you are building a house, building a complex from another simple task. So you need to create a complex task or plan. You can divide a complex task into different sub-tasks by clicking on the red box, so your task will be easier to complete.

Creating a New View: You can create new views of your choice, rename old views, change view icons, and more. So to create a new view, right-click on the red box and you will see a popup window.

My Life Organized is a volatile tool that allows you to easily mess up your messy life. There is no evil side to this app, yes I am saying again that this app has no bad aspects. This app can’t be overlooked, but what I like best is the lightweight software, easy to use simple user interface, and user customization.