How to buy used phone

What should I check before buying a used phone:

Remember there are a few reasons behind selling old smartphones :

  • Maybe the owner wants to upgrade his/her phone
  • Maybe his/her Phone is damaged/faulty and they are no more feeling to fix it and that’s why he/she just wants to sell it.
  • Or they need cash.

In any of the above conditions, somebody sometimes doesn’t even realize that their mobile is faulty/damaged because they are so habitual to using it that way that it is not a Crime for them, so while purchasing used phones doing a thorough check of these devices is quite necessary.

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How to check the Genuinity Of The Phone

To confirm that the phone which you are getting has not been stolen by the seller from someone else do the following things :

  • Verify IMEI, type *#06#, that is an individual number allotted to all mobile phones, verify if this number matches with the number on the Bill copy and the phone Box.
  • NEVER BUY A MOBILE PHONES which do not have IMEI numbers specified on them as big/actual retailers or online websites never do so.
  • Ensure if the Bill copy is a valid VAT paid the bill, some local stores are not allowed to sell a particular brand phone, in that situation, the Warranty cannot be claimed at an authorized service center.
  • Verify if the Bill copy is in the name of the seller, this indicates that the device will be sold is not stolen.
  • Take a photocopy of the seller ID card, so that if the phone is stolen it works as future reference.

Beware Of Fake/Replica mobile phones:
Maximum popular phones now have their replicas available in the Market which are similar to the real phones, to assure that you are not purchasing a replica ensure the following things :

  • The genuine clarification of this query is taking the phone to the nearest Approved Service Centre and checking the phone out there.
  • If you are lazy like me then you can download the phone hardware testing app. just search by phone model you will find a phone testing app for your desire phone.

Check the Out Condition Of The Phone :
Nowadays the body or casing of smartphone is not readily available in the Shop so checking the overall health of the Mobile is very necessary, And some phone’s display which is higher than the value of the phone itself, so while purchasing a old phone one need be ensured that the overall health of the phone is safe.

Monitoring the Phones Battery:
If it is a detachable battery, get out the battery and see if it does not bulge, the proper method to monitor it is to put it on a smooth surface and try rotating it, if it rotates fast then it demands to be renewed, if it does rotate casually or not at all then the battery serves fine.

If it is a non-detachable battery then check the percentage of battery, now restart the mobile, if the percentage falls more than 4%-5% the consider the battery as damaged.

And finally, Insert SIM card and check if it works properly.

If You have any suggestions or instructions regarding buying used phone please write down in the comment section. Thank you.

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