best Parental Control Apps

This article is for those people whose children are using smartphones. Today I will introduce yourself with 5 best free apps that will help you to your children online activities. Even you can control their activities by using those apps.

Benefits of those 5  best Parental Control Apps:

  • Nowadays children are so much attracted to smartphones and they waste their valuable time. By using these apps you can limit their phone use time.
  • Sometimes children are downloading/installing various kinds of apps/games from play stores. By using these 5 apps you can block their installing new apps. 
  • By using these 5 apps you can hide any specific apps that you don’t want to show your children. 
  • Your children may visit adult websites, by using these 5 apps you can block all the adult apps that you don’t want them to visit.
  • Sometimes your kids may use your credit card to buy something or games from online. By using these apps you can control all these things.
  • These apps have call, text message or even internet block features by using those you can easily turn off call, text or internet browsing features from your smartphone.
  • You can see which sites your children are browsing, which things they are downloading, which games they are playing. And of course you can control or block all these staff.

These 5 best free apps will make you smart parents and you will be able to control your smartphone. So let’s talk about these 5 apps.

1. Kids Place – Parental Control app

Kids Place - Best Parental Control apps
Image: Kids Place – Parental Control apps

Kids Place is the best app for Parental control. This app will organize your apps on your phone screen. You can manually set which app will be visible and which app will be hidden from the home screen. And also, You can set restrictions for installing new apps. You can set a time limitation for using the phone. This Kids Place has a lot more features like; call block and signal block.

2. KuuKla – Parental Control app

Kuukida -  Best Parental Control apps
Image : Kuukida – Parental Control apps

KuuKla is an amazing app for parental control. From this app you can set restrictions to use any app from your smartphone. If you don’t allow it, nobody will be able to use your phone. From this Parental control app can make a custom schedule for your children to use your phone. This app is very easy to use, just download the KuuKla app by clicking here or search on play store. Then register with your email then finally set your pin.

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3. SecureTeen Parental Control App

Secureteen - Best Parental Control apps
Image: Secureteen – Best Parental Control apps

Do you know, you child can visit adult o pornography website even without letting your know? From now on use SecureTeen Parental Control App and control your child online activities. By using a browser control filter you can totally block those adult sites. Not only this by using this phone, you can see which sites are visited by your kids and which apps or things they have downloaded. Also you can set restrictions on using any app from your phone.

4. ST Kids App – Parental Controls

ST Kids app - Best Parental Control apps
Image: ST Kids app – Best Parental Control apps

With ST Kids App you can schedule and set a fixed time for browsing the internet. You can fixed, how many hours your kids can use your phone. Like; At sleeping time you can set a restriction phone for use and you can give permission to use the phone on your given time schedule.

5. Kids Zone – Parental Controls & Child Lock

Kids Zone - Best Parental Control apps
Image: Kids Zone – Best Parental Control apps

This is the last parental app from my list. By using this Kids Zone parental control app you fully control your or your kids device. You can set the time limit for every app and also browse the internet. Besides it has a lot more extra features like; call blocking, message blocking, restriction on installing new apps.


The Play Store may have a lot of parental control apps, among those I found these 5 are the best. Each of them have different features. You can install and use any of these.