Website to boost knowledge:

There are a lot of websites to boost knowledge. But most of them are not free. In this article, I will tell you about five websites that provide you information, classes free of cost, and will help you to boost your knowledge. So without further talking let’s get started.

One: Quora

The Quora website provides innovative access to gain and share knowledge and experience. Through this website, you can ask any questions for experts in the most various subjects to answer. Besides that, on your profile, you can make a list of interests from more than 250 thousand topics categorized on the Quora. You can also answer questions asked by other users who like the same passion and interest as you do.

Two: Open Education Database

The Open Education Database(OEDB) website has more than 10,000 courses and classes online and all those offered free of charge, with partners such as MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), the University of Michigan, and Johns Hopkins University. On OEDB website, you can seek courses in the categories of arts, computer science, business, education, engineering, medicine, health, mathematics, science, and many more.

Three: Project Gutenberg

The Project Gutenberg library website offers more than 4,500 free, public ebooks for you to download from your computer, tablet, or mobile. On that website, you will find many kinds of literature, historical documents, non-fiction ebooks, and traditional and contemporary works. All of this free of cost and totally within the law.

 Four: Academic Earth

Academic Earth is a web portal that aggregates online classes – free and on video – from more than 50 academies globally. The website has a playlist section with the most exciting videos and the most significant education topics. There is also a section of electives named “Video Electives” that makes not only information but also an animated and fun to view format.

website to boost knowledge
website to boost knowledge

 Five: Wikiversity

Wikiversity is the educational, college, university, and academic version of the Wikipedia Foundation and contains a wide variety of pages with articles and elements on a wide range of topics. There are courses, classes, and study groups enrolled on the website, seeking ideas and areas, as well as classes by the level of education. All information, as in the Wikipedia website, is designed collaboratively between members.

SIX – GeographyIQ

GeographyIQ is an online world website that gives information on the politics, geography, history, economy, and culture of each country or region on the earth. The website presents accurate and popular details on the demographic state, living situations, environmental and climatic data of countries. It is excellent for those who want to understand more about a range before traveling; the portal provides important cultural data, in addition to giving currency identity in each nation.

SEVEN – Coursera

More than 5 million members get some of the classes offered by the free portal name Coursera, which has more than 500 enrolled records, from 100 partner organizations and in various languages. The type of topics is very wide, and the classes can last for several days and are guided by professors and experts.

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