Signs He loves YOU

20 Signs He loves YOU

When a boy loves you, he will give it in many signs all you need to understand those signs.

  1. Here are some of those Signs.
  2. He always apologizes whenever he is mistaken.
  3. He continually looks forward to seeing your face every day.
  4. He replies to your texts rapidly.
  5. He never mentions other ladies around you.
  6. He ignores all phone calls when you guys are on a date.
  7. He shares everything with you that he hasn’t told anyone.
  8. He has unlimited topics to discuss whenever he is with you.
  9. He is forever by your side in your need or hard times.
  10. He wants you to meet with his friends and family.
  11. He will look at you when you ain’t looking at him.
  12. He smiles at you for no reason.
  13. He seems sad when he doesn’t see your face for a long time.
  14. He may become jealous when you speak to another guy
  15. He always remembers all the tiny details of your previous discussions.
  16. He tries to look good or get well dressed when he is with you.
  17. He always talks to you in a calm voice.
  18. He is involved in things that you love. like watching movies with you instead of watching his favorite sports.
  19. It’s hard for him to say no to you.
  20. He always tries to impress you at any cost.