Develop physical and mental personality

How to develop a physical and mental personality?

Develop your Personality means to present yourself attractive, interesting and delightful to be with. You can develop your personality. You simply have to be vigilant and dedicated.

How to develop a good personality – personality development.

How to develop a physical personality —

  1. Body Pose. Yes, the principal characteristic of your personality is your body Posture. If you are walking/running/standing/sitting with body Posture, you will go ignored. Your line of vision should be just parallel to the ground while standing/walking/sitting. If your body Posture is wrong, while walking, just think you have to balance a book or something on your head. This will help you to balance your posture.
  2. Avoid scratching/itching in public places.
  3. Make you attractive, even if you’re being alone, cut your pubic hair. Trim your beard.
  4. Try to Smell good. Use soap/shampoo while taking showers. Use perfumes.
  5. Exercise at least 1 hour daily. This will help you to keep your confidence up, your body/heart healthy and your face, free from pimples.
  6. Dp floss your teeth daily, Bad breathing is the worst turnoff.
  7. Try to Eat with your lips closed as much as you can. Stop eating quickly. Try to chew as much as possible without making the sound.
  8. Always take a wallet, Perfume, Comb and a pen with you.
  9. Close your lips while sneezing, coughing, etc. Always say excuse me/sorry afterward.
  10. If you’re going out, Always wear a proper dress.

How to improve mental personality —

  1. Read books at least 30 Minutes daily. Books will unlock your mind, Self Explanatory.
  2. Do something new. It can be Writing, Drawing, painting, shooting. Anything.
  3. Always try to make eye contact while talking. If you can’t look straight to the eye, look between the eyes, forehead, or just above the nose.
  4. Think twice before speak. Don’t let your tongue land you into big trouble.
  5. Give smooth hugs, but firm handshakes. Touch their hands with two hands, if you want to show more extra respects.
  6. Wake up early in the morning, Fix your daily goals while seeing the sunrise. Always remember, motivation is the code of self-development.
  7. Try to avoid rubbing your hands or fingers, shaking your legs when you fell nervous. If you feel nervous take a long breath. Count the seconds or number while you’re taking to inhale and exhale.
  8. Don’t talk behind people, or make fun of others.
  9. Always meet with different people, listen to their experience and see their activities.
  10. Always focus on your profession.

Improve your Physical and mental personality. never stress too much. These were simple steps. Fix your target, practice and Keep a record. that’s al you need to improve your personality.