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Best tools/ways to write articles online

The article writing job has a huge demand on freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, peoplesperhour, etc. Not only that If you have a personal blog or WordPress site you can write an article and make huge money from Google AdSense. But you may think article writing oh my god it’s not possible for me. and I don’t have any idea about that, don’t worry my friend I am Raj and I will help you with how to find your article writing ideas and how to write an article for your blog site. 

Best ways to write articles online:

If you follow my way it will save time and without any skill, you will be an article writer. So, without further talking let’s start our article writing journey.

1. Follow some related websites:

The most important thing is you need to follow some website that is related to your website. If your blog is technology-related then you can find some Technology-based websites and follow those websites. If you want to write make money online post then find some websites that write make money online related posts and follow their article. Make around 30-50 websites list whose article you like most. Always look back on their websites if you find something useful or something new just try to write an article on your website based on that article.

Yeah, I know article writing is very hard. If you have enough time then write it manually but if you don’t have that much time. You can follow the below tricks for not getting a Copywrite strike from google Adsense. 

2. Smallseotools:

Copy your desired article (from the website you follow). now go to Smallseotools.com. After going there now click on rewrite article paste your article on their text box. Now click on rewrite article. within a few seconds, Smallseotools will give you a brand new unique article.

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3. Grammarly.com

Grammarly.com is one of the great websites to check grammar errors grammar mistakes online. You can correct up to ho1000 words for free. if you have more than 1000 words just divide and make it less than 1000 words and correct them separately. Copy your article from smallseotools site and paste it to grammarly.com. If your article has some grammar errors or mistakes you will find those on red underline. click those words one by one and make them correct. Not only this if you don’t like any word double click on it and find the perfect synonym of those words.

4. Google docs

You have chosen your article, you have rewritten them, then you have corrected all the grammar errors. Now time to take it to another level. I mean its time to decorate them and make them colorful. Google docs is one of the great ways to write an article online. And always try to write an article online because if you write an article on Microsoft Word or Notepad your computer may get crashed or damaged and you will lose your article.

So it is always best way to practice writing article online on word processing software like Google docs, Evernote one-note something like that trust me among that list, I found Google docs is most handy and useful you can do some advanced job there like you can write a bunch of paper or writing by using Google voice typing not only this if you want to link any word just highlight the word and press Control + k and Google Docs will suggest the appropriate link of your desire word. arrange your article in your way. make some header text list. Google docs have all the options you need to write a perfect article.

5. Remove.bg:

You have successfully written your article now you need a featured image for article. Where you can find the featured image? you can simply search on Google. Suppose, if you want a photo of Google Chrome then search on Google by writing Chrome, then click any photo and download it. Hey, wait don’t try to upload it on your website without editing that because if you do that Google AdSense will ban your website because of copyright issues.

So how can you edit that? Ok, first you need to remove the background of your photo. yeah, I am talking about removing any photo’s background online. There is a great website called www.remove.bg that will let you remove any photo’s background within a nanosecond. and it will let you download the high-quality version of that image. Now download that image and simply you can use Microsoft PowerPoint, Photoshop or online photo editing software like canva and make your banner image or featured image.

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