How important are SEO friendly articles to rank on search engines?

We all heard about search engine optimization. If you want to get more visitors from a search engine I mean if you want to rank your page or article then you must write SEO friendly articles/content.

Now the question is how to write SEO friendly articles/content? 

Don’t worry my friend just keep reading this post you will understand everything. In this post, I will share with you how to write SEO friendly articles/content.

Which things you should know to write SEO friendly articles?

These following things you should consider to write SEO friendly articles.

  1. Keyword.
  2. Article length.
  3. Article Title.
  4. Meta description.
  5. Use of different heading.
  6. Article images.
  7. Tags.
  8. Hyperlink
  9. Permalinks

To write SEO friendly articles you should know the following questions.

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01. How to select SEO friendly Keywords?

If you want to write a good or SEO friendly article you must select a good keyword first. Before selecting keywords for your article you must keep in mind that your keyword should be unique and less competitive. If you can do that your article must rank on the search engine. The more you practice the more you will understand keyword selection. There are so many free or paid keyword selection sites/extensions like keyword surfer, keyword everywhere you can use those.

02. What should be an SEO friendly article length?

It’s true that article length depends on keyword or article subject but always try to write an article with minimum 500-600 words. The more information you have in your article the more it will rank on the search engines. But don’t try other’s content to make it big if you do that your search engine will understand they are not that much stupid. Just try to make it big but it must be a unique article. 

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03. How to make an SEO friendly article title?

To rank your article on the search engine your title should be short but more meaningful and unique. Try to make it between 70 characters. Following things, you should keep in your mind while writing SEO friendly title for your article.

  • Short (50-70 characters)
  • Unique
  • Interesting
  • The keyword must be inside the title
  • The title should contain a positive or negative statement (optional)
  • The title should contain a number (optional)

04. How to write SEO friendly article Meta description?

To rank your article on the search engine you must keep your eyes on meta description. Try to make it SEO friendly. Make it short between 120-160 characters. As visitors going to see this short description while searching on Google or other search engines it should be short but more interesting so that they bound to click on your article. And Remember your keyword should have inside your meta description it will help you to rank on the search engine.

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05. Which heading you should use in your article?

To write an SEO friendly article you should combine your article with a different heading like h1, h2, h3, h4, h5. And this way your article will be more readable to visitors. They will love your article. Try to keep your keyword in every h1 and h2 heading.

06. How many images you should have inside your article?

Try to keep some images inside your article maybe 2-3 but not too much. Remember image helps your article to rank on the search engine but too much image will make slow loading of your website. Don’t try to upload images from google. If you do that you will get a copyright strike. You can use tricks like you can edit a little bit on that image. Try to keep your article keyword in the image title and alt text. 

07. How many tags you should have for an article?

Tags also help your article to get rank on the search engine. Try to keep 3-5 tags for your article and keep those tags words inside your article it will help your article to rank on search engine

08. How important are permalinks to write SEO friendly articles?

Your article should have a minimum one internal (link inside your website) and one external (link to another website) hyperlink.

09. How to make SEO friendly permalink?

Permalink is URL (that you see on your browser address bar) of your article. It should be short less than 75 characters. Try to keep your article keyword inside your permalink. 

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