online Radio website
online Radio website

Radio Garden – The best online Radio website for free.

There are a variety of mobile applications and websites around the world where you can listen to online radio . Among those some of them are free and some are paid. The website we will discuss today is completely free. On this website you can listen to all the radio channels of all the countries of the world for free. You can listen to the radio via mobile phone or computer or smart TV. So let’s get started.

Which is the best online radio website?

This is one of the best online radio websites I’ve ever seen. The name of the website is Radio Garden. When you enter the web site, you will see the image below. 

What is Radio Garden online radio website?

Radio Garden is an online Radio Website. This website looks like a map. Upon entering this website you will see a map. And inside the map you will see numerous dots. This is a great online radio station where you can listen to online radio from any country in the world. Listening to the radio here is very easy. All you have to do is look at the number of dot symbols inside the website. You just have to click on that dot symbol. Listening to the radio here is very easy as well as the website is very fast. The website is a very useful website for those who want to learn the language online. Because on this website you will find many radio channels in your desired language. Listening to them regularly will strengthen your communication skills. 

How to find a radio channel in a specific language or country from Radio Garden online radio website?

Radio Garden online radio website

It is very easy to find radio channels in specific languages or countries on this website. You will find a search box on this website. On that search box, You can find any radio channel by searching country, City, channel name or language name. 


Best things about Radio Garden online radio website

Radio Garden is a super easy website where you can listen to online Radio for free. You can use it just like a map. You can zoom in or out to find your radio channel. While listening to the radio you can bookmark or add that channel to your favourite channel list so that you can find it easily just by clicking your favourite icon. I believe this website will be a great startup for online language learners. They can find native radio channel of their desired language. Also they have mobile apps. To install the Radio garden mobile app see the link below. 

Radio Garden online radio website

Download Radio Garden android apps just by clicking here

Tips for learning language by Radio garden online radio

If you want to learn any language then this is one of the great tips that will help you out to learn that language. Open Radio garden online radio website on google chrome browser. Then search by your desired language or country. Now go to google chrome browser settings search “live caption” then turn it on. That’s it from now on everything you hear from this online radio website you will see the caption. 

Finally I would say you will get this amazing sense of traveling between countries and experiencing the great online radio. It’s an amazing interface too. Just swipe around the world find your desire language, city or country and start listening.