Fiverr IP problem

We think one of the main reasons behind Fiverr account ruin is the IP problem. But Fiverr never blocks an account due to IP problems only. They block accounts for the use of multiple accounts. The topic is not just IP, but also the device. Many times, our account blocked due to having multiple accounts, but we claim we do not have multiple accounts. Here we would consider Fiverr a liar or maybe we lie. Actually, No one is a liar, there is a wrong understanding. The mistake is mainly ours, in most cases, we are likely to be wrong.

Matters of IP: If you are very stressed with IP, then you should take a dedicated IP. But if you use shared IP, that doesn’t mean your Fiverr account will be blocked. If you use Fiverr with shared IP, Fiverr usually tracks your IP as well as the location and device MAC ID. Basically, if you don’t use multiple IDs on the same computer or the same mobile, then you have nothing to fear.

However, if someone is using two accounts on two separate PCs under the same WIFI router, then you must keep in mind that your Fiverr service(Gigs) should be different. Otherwise, your two accounts may get blocked.

Some Common Questions and Answers about Fiverr:

Question: How do I check my Internet IP?

Answer: Go to Google and type in “What is my IP” and search. Then the IP you will see is your IP.

Question: Is it mandatory to have a dedicated IP?

Answer: No, dedicated IP is not mandatory at all. But if you have an opportunity then go for it.

Question: How do I know if my ISP or Internet service provider has given me a dedicated IP?

Answer: Search on Google by typing “What is my IP”. If the IPs inside your router and the IPs found in Google do not match, then it should be understood that this is not a dedicated IP.

Question: Can I use my Fiverr ID on mobile and computer simultaneously?

Answer: Of course you can use multiple devices, but don’t log in with multiple IDs.

Question: Can I change my Broadband line?

Answer: Changing the line of Broadband Internet is changing your IP, whether it is dedicated or shared IP. In this case, you can put a message on FIVERR support for your safety that you are changing your internet line. Although it is not necessary, but letting them know will be SAFE.

Question: Can I use Broadband and mobile data at the same on two devices?

Answer: Yes, there will be no problem.

Question: If I go to a market or a public place, if I use Open WIFI and have another Fiverr user on the same WiFi, will there be any problem?

Answer: Fiverr is very smart, you will not have any problem. However, if you do this regularly it can be a problem. And of course, the recommendations are in the interest of security do not log in to public WIFI.

Lastly, try to be cautious, but do not try to trick Fiverr. If you are caught cheating, the result is straight ban. If you want to take Freelancing as a career, then honestly follow the rules. I hope you don’t get in trouble.

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