A few days ago I made a review about Workmines site and in the comment section of that video, one of my subscribers requested me to make a review about walletsync.

What happened to Workmines?

Before getting started let’s take a look at that site. If I go to that site, I mean workmines.com, you can see its already dead. And that’s what I said in my previous video. I said this site I mean workmines.com will be dead soon, and that’s happened last Friday. It looks like they have taken down their site without any notifications.

Is Walletsync is a scam site?

In my previous video, I have told you why I think workmines will be shut down or scam. When I have seen Walletsync I found it’s kinda like a younger brother of workmines.com. The reason behind that is both sides have a similar design and they don’t have any particular option to contact the site owner. They have a similar package of registration, I mean You have to pay for buying different packages but to be honest to earn from PTC site you shouldn’t pay them. Next, if you visit that site you will find that it takes a long time to reload any page of that site. I mean this site very slow. I think that shouldn’t happen to a PTC site. That indicates they have a maintenance problem. They said they will give you 0.4$ per view. That’s a big lie because Netflix or youtube no one will pay you that much money, You know there are so many PTC Site like Neubux, Ojowaad or clixscense you need to watch minimum 40 videos to earn .4$ So I don’t know how they will give you that much money? Guys all the information you can see on this website like online users payouts payment all are made by them. Let’s check it out So guys today up to this. I hope you should understand that earning money online is not that much easy.

For your better understanding please watch this video below.