5 simple ways to make money online

The best simple ways to make money online without any investment.

There are a lot of ways to make money online but most of them are not legit. Most of them do scam. Today in this post, I will discuss most 5 simple ways to make money online without investment.

1. Make money by youtube channel:

The YouTube Partner Programme (YPP) is a great way of earning that lets video creators on the site to begin monetizing their videos. Members of the program can make money from several sources, including:

  • Adverts on their videos.
  • By Premium subscribers.
  • Channel memberships.
  • Merchandise shelf.
  • Super Chats.

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How to get approved on The YouTube Partner Programme (YPP)

To earn from youtube you have gained 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers. Watch this video to understand more clearly.

How much you can earn from Youtube:

You can expect to earn approximately $1.50 per 1,000 views. That means that one million views can earn $1500.

2. Make money by Blogsite:

The most famous network for earning from a blog site is Google AdSense. With that program, you do not require to be in direct contact with sponsors; you just place the banner/advertise on your site, Google will choose ads related to your content, and your viewers view/click on the ads and you start earning money. 

There are numberless related programs available if you find that AdSense doesn’t allow you, like Chitika, Media.net, and Infolinks. You can start your free blog by google blog spot, it’s free or you can buy a domain and hosting at a cheap rate. Then write some blog posts there and start earning money by google Adsense.


3. Make money by Affiliate program:

Earing money by an affiliate program is a great and simple way to make money online without having any skills and investing money. 

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when an online retailer gives you a payment for traffic or sales made from your visitors.

The simple 3-step process of affiliate marketing:

  1. You promote goods/products or services to followers.
  2. Your followers buy the services or products clicking your associate link.
  3. You get paid a percentage for the purchases made by clicking your associate link.

So what are you waiting for? Just join any of these following links and start earning money. Here are some of the famous affiliate networks out there, but there are so numerous than this:

4. Make money by CPA Marketing:

CPA(Cost Per Action) Marketing is an affiliate basis where payment is given when a user does a particular action. Those actions may include signing up for a contest, filling out a form or surveys, making a purchase or receiving a quote. It is one of the best simple ways to make money online.

Differences between CPA & Affiliate marketing:

  • You receive payment fast in CPA Network.
  • You are of your own in your affiliate network, whereas in the CPA marketing you are allotted an affiliate manager who always guides you for most suitable offers & ways to help you earn more cash.
  • Once you are a member of an associate network like Clickbank ShareASale, or another in the majority of the cases you can immediately get the associate links to promote. But in CPA, it needs time to fit a part of the network & you need to get approval for the CPA offer that you want to promote.

How much you can earn with CPA?

There are a lot of people who are earning millions with CPA marketing offer. In some situations when the user has to insert credit card details for the trial of the product/service, you can be awarded by $50.

Which are the best CPA Networks?

Hare are few CPA networks that you can check out:

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5. Make money on outsourcing platforms:

If you re good at something like Microsoft Word, Excel, Photoshop, web designing, graphics designing, content writing or podcasting then go and sign up on any of these following best freelancing sites.

The Best Freelancing/Outsourcing Websites of 2020:

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