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Looking for some genuine Apps That Pay Real Money? looking for some simple ideas to earn some extra cash in your leisure time? If you own a smartphone, you can surely earn some genuine cash. According to an online survey, on average we waste 5.5 hours on our smartphone, besides 10% of millennials telling they use over 10 hours each day on their smartphone. Why not earn some cash by that time you’re wasting on the smartphone, rather than spending it all on social media network?

This listing here has a different type of apps that pays cash. They can assist you to earn cash on something that you’re performing already, give you money for doing easy jobs, get cashback or even assist you to raise your capital by investing.

Those money-making apps let you earn from the couch, without hard work.

What Kinds Of Apps Will Pay Real Money

You may ask, why those app companies pay you to use their apps? The answer is some companies want to get new users onto their app and they are ready to give money to their customers. Others want users to sell advertisements.

How you will get paid by those apps?

Most of them will pay you via-

In some of those apps, you have to meet the payout threshold. Typically, it can be $10 to $20. Don’t worry most of them will let you payout as low as few bucks.

Most genuine Apps That Pay You Real Money

We’ve run through and tested each app in this article. And we believe these apps do not scam. Let’s get to the real earning apps!

01 Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a cashback app. They will pay you cash to use their app. You can take the money and gift vouchers by buying through their gateway, by doing surveys, viewing videos, utilizing their toolbar and many more. Besides gift cards, if you like, you can also payout via PayPal or a Visa card. Trust me it is the best website to earn money online without having skills or investing money also they are paying more money compared to other websites. Click here to get registered

02. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is an app that rewards you by taking photos of your receipts of any shop or restaurant. You can also get more cash via their in-app virtual slot device, sweepstakes, taking surveys and more. If you have collected enough you can ask a payout. They will give you via PayPal or Amazon gift cards.

03. Rakuten

Rakuten app is a cashback app that has paid more than $1 billion in cash back to users or visitors since 1999. Just begin your buying experience with them and you’ll get cashback for what you purchase.

I newly bought a mobile phone and got $60 in cash back from their app.

04. Ibotta

Ibotta is a cashback and awards app for your device. They give you cash back for buying at certain markets or for purchasing some goods.

I use the app while I’m going for grocery item shopping, as they own a ton of supermarket cashback offers, but they have cashback prizes for a type of nongrocery market. Simply add the proposals you are agreeing to buy to your app, and then when you’re done buying, get a photo of your reception. It will check the details on your receipt copy that you have purchased, and it will automatically add the cashback credit to your report.

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05. Personal Capital

The Personal Capital is an independent economic app that lets you track all of your earnings, bills, investments and more. I’ve been using this app for years, and I recommend it to you.

06. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is also another rewards app. It has become one of my favorites app because of just how perfectly it is work. It is similar to Ibotta you can scan by the app and view the cashback offers on grocery items, beer, and other things. When you scan your receipt the app will automatically calculate what’s on the slip and claim cashback offers for you. When you scan the slip it will also recommend some choices for items to buy next time, instead of related ones you bought this time.

I am using this app for a few weeks and have already received enough for about $15 in Amazon gift cards. They also offer gift vouchers for shops like Target, Itunes, Walmart, as well as different kinds of gifts.

07. GetUpside

GetUpside is an app that assists you to make money by cash back on gas and also helps you to find the best gas rates near you.

08. Dosh

Dosh is a cashback and reward app that gives you cashback on shopping. To start making money all you need just sign up, and then link your credit or debit card to Dosh. You can also connect other users to the site and receive $5 every time someone joins via your link. Use referral code.

09. Drop

Drop is also another cash back app that gives you money. You can earn money by shopping at shops listed in their app. You can also make money by connecting new referrals to that service. To start earning just download and install the app from the play store. Then, link your card to your account.

10. Shopkick

ShopKick is a cashback app that assists you to gain points ( “kicks”) for doing stuff like adding a credit card and buying, submitting vouchers, online shopping through their app, scanning barcodes or even just walking into a store. Getting rewards by the app is very simple and most people can get their first reward in a week.

11. Mistplay

Mistplay is a platform that pays you to play mobile games on your device. Explore new games with your buddies and then receive points for playing games. Once you’ve made sufficient points you can redeem them for prizes including money or gift vouchers. They give Google Play credit, Starbucks gift cards, iTunes credit, Xbox gift cards, Amazon gift cards, and more. Those gift cards can be redeemed for real money.

12. Uber & Lyft

If you own a car and want to make some money, then the apps Uber and Lyft have something that you’ll need to check out. Those two ride-sharing apps will assist you to make some extra money, or even close to a full-time salary in some towns. According to research, a driver makes $8–$12 per hour of driving for Uber. 

13. Postmates

If driving for a ridesharing company isn’t your choice, Then you can consider making money by using a delivery app, like Postmates. It’s easy and free to join. You have to be at least 18 years old, and you need to have a smartphone. There are no commitments that you must meet. You can take your time and work when you want to. When you have some leisure or extra time, just tap your Postmates app, go online and finally take deliveries. You can ask what you need to deliver? The answer is: whatever people want.

14. Rover

Using the Rover app it’s easy to earn money by being a pet sitter or dog walker. According to user experiences anyone can make up to $100 a week even more. If you refer another friend as a sitter, you can make $50 as a referral reward if they get approved and got their first job.

15. Instacart

Instacart is a mobile app that gives you real money for becoming a full-service shopper or a delivery man. Now question is, how much can you earn by delivering for this app? If you’re seeking a few extra earnings, it might be a great app you can check out.

16. Decluttr

Decluttr app will give you cash for all of your undesired or extra items. They will order a variety of stuff like CDs DVDs, games, game consoles, magazines, phones, and more.

How does it work?

Install their app on your mobile and next list all the things that you’d like to trade. They’ll provide you an assessment of what you’ll get. After listing all your things you’ll make your order and receive a free shipping label to send. Once the things come they’ll prepare the things and give you a final proposal based on their exact status. If you allow you’ll be given money via direct bank deposit or PayPal.

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