start making a blog site

Start making a Blog site and earning money:

The best place to run a blog site in terms of being able to create a great website, and for the cheapest reasonable price would be a WordPress website. There are some free websites that you can log on and start but they will possibly be suitable for just fun. As you won’t be viewed as a professional way, you will not get your name but the companies site that you host the blogs on. It’s also doubtful that you will be capable of earning any money.

If you can, it will just a few, as they will be benefiting from your project. Not only a WordPress site is the cheapest option but also it has so many functionalities. There are several WordPress plugins available, you can easily take support from your web host and come across any difficulties. It is very easy to learn to use their site. I also love Shopify but it is very costly and useless unless you want to open an online store.

What is a blog site?

There is no easy answer to this question, as a blog can be numerous things. It can be viewed as a way for anybody to show themselves openly or professionally. However, it can be in the form of an important asset that has the talents of turning over thousands in income by month. There are millions of blog websites over the internet and none of them are equally successful. Their progress is very much defined by the many circumstances such as:

  • Start-up funds.
  • Search engine optimization(SEO) methods e.g. (keywords, backlinks, reputation, content length, speed, ranking).
  • celebrity support.
  • importance to the market and niche.
  • marketing or advertising.

This is just to mention some, there are of course much more factors included.

Why do people think about start making a blog site? 

Writing can be a good way of expression, some people could write about their day as part of a journal article. This can help them build a better knowledge of something that has happened with them. It can overall ease with their sentiments.

Writers may go to events to write a post and return to the news organization to get it printed/published. By writing about new trending favorite topics, you can actually generate a lot of visitors via Google and this gives news-based companies lots of income.

someone may write educational or informative content, sharing their information or expertise on a special topic. This can be an excellent technique to give back to the community, and after all, creating well can make you feel great always.

I myself believe that because each person is entirely different. There is a blog in all of us and each person writes sorts of content about a particular subject that they are interested in, are passionate about or have a lot of experience. A blog for many can be a good way of income. The most amazing thing about blogging is that you are encouraging other people to thank you for having the freedom to write as little or as much as you want from your home.

All the content you write can be monetized and ultimately, it starts and generates almost passively provided you create the foundation. Just choose a great niche that you are interested in and then find out how to start your own blog today!

Step by step guide how to make a blog site

  1. Go to any of these following sites – Then buy a great domain, hosting, and SSL secure certificate.
  2. Once you have established your website you will be able to install WordPress and start designing on your own way.
  3. Once your WordPress site is ready you can create pages and begin writing your great content.

How can a blog site be profitable?

start making a blog site
start making a blog site

making a blog site can be a good way of earning by starting adverts from Google AdSense, and also by including Affiliate Marketing links into your article or post. Affiliates are basically your marketing products or referrals on behalf of another marketer via an associate link, and when someone buys the product from your website link, you get a commission or payment on it.

There are a bunch of companies that allow an affiliates program, among them the most popular is Amazon. Here some of those great affiliate companies link:

If you are getting a lot of visitors, you could offer a highlighted spot or banner for bigger companies to place their ads. If your blog is already making money and if you don’t have too much time to write the article, you could hire someone to write articles. The best place to find someone for hiring would be on Fiverr. There you can meet people from all over the world to write content for you. Freeing up your time and gaining your traffic and future profits.


How can I Grow traffic to my blog site?

  • Use social media (schedule posts daily engaging with people, don’t try to get selling straight away). Your central focus should be writing great content. Also, you can use Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, Twitter any other social media platform. Better you can get yourself in a place where you truly meet people in person who are interested in your blog posts. You can make your business cards and host an event.
  • Raise up honesty, Remember people don’t visit your site to buy products, they are here to read your post. So, focus on creating good content. If you choose the affiliate link, then choose a trustworthy site as I have mentioned above. They must trust your link.
  • Write blog articles, this will truly bring in more clients, overall boost your credibility and give you something to post on social media platforms. It should be just related to your website niece or you can build up your own community.
  • Be calm and patient, remember getting visitors takes time. Continue writing articles on your site, get information, improve it, and work carefully. Ensure that Google has the latest sitemap so that it can index your web pages and create some good healthy backlinks. Also, check-in the coverage part within the Google search console to assure that no single pages or posts are being rejected from search results or are not being indexed.
  • If you want to take it to the next level, you can make a YouTube channel. It will help you to gain a lot of traffic also from there you can earn and sell your affiliate products. Check out our YouTube channel to get some real ideas.

Organic traffic vs paid for traffic

You can either build your traffic gradually – organically, writing articles for release every week or you can use Google Adwords, Bing ads, or create a Facebook campaign to get more traffic. In my view, Organic is the best way as it will simply increase, getting more viewers overnight (as long as you are making it right and writing at least one article per week) In various ways, remember Google is your best friend and most dangerous enemy. Always, you will have to play the game but only by obeying their rules and regulations.

You should be determined, if you publish too many articles in a short time google could see your job as spam, focus on writing quality content over quantity and you will be paid. Write at least 300+ words for each article. Remember the bigger and quality your article the more possibility to get an index. Also remember to stay active on the social media platform, building up your following and building healthy backlinks is very important.

How long does it take to build traffic for a blog site? 

Traffic can be gained through fast or can be built up gradually. Each blog post has various numbers of interested visitors, and not all keywords are similar. There is no particular time frame, but you should verify your Google search console once per week to check on traffic if it’s going up, then no worries, just keep doing what you are doing. but if it is going down, or staying the same, then maybe you need to try more work.

How to choose keywords for your blog?

  • Make sure that the keyword/blog topic fits with your niche, and it’s related to your blog topic.
  • Check competitors on google for that keyword, and determine whether you can add higher value to your visitors than what is currently on their posts.

Is a blog or online shop better at earning money?

Both sites have high potential, it depends on your work and output. I have both an online shop and a blog site. They have both been going an equal amount of time and work. In my opinion, I would say that in the short-term the blog would be more successful, but that is just my opinion and current situation, yours may vary!

Do I love running my blog site?

I have realized that I really like to try new ideas, traveling new places and that I really enjoy writing blog articles. I have been writing, and I don’t actually feel like anything is missing or I am feeling bored.

Is it good to start making a blog site?

For the money, I think not. If you really enjoy writing, it will ultimately make money but that depends on your output, how much effort you are willing to give without getting paid from that site. You should only run a blog if you really enjoy writing, otherwise, you will hate the experience. Remember a blog is not that easy, it is one kind of voluntary work. It is great to run your blog as part of the fun. You should try to enjoy improving and building it up. You can write or maintain your blog site in your spare time or as a hobby until it can fit a full-time job.

Common mistakes people do when making a blog site:

  • Don’t duplicate from other’s blogs, (Google will demote your site.)
  • Always write an excellent post that makes sense.
  • Use pictures to make it attractive.
  • Add the great keywords you would wish to rank for.
  • Don’t destroy the visitor experience, setting advert blocks everywhere, this will surely stop readers to come back. Placement is necessary, put them in the same position on every page.

Why should you select a particular niche?

It assists you to stand out from opponents. If you prefer a niche, your content will all be relevant, and your readers will be capable of jumping from one post to another. Without thinking that the other post is irrelevant to them.