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Kolotibablo: a great online captcha entry site

There are many Captcha solving sites. But all are no Legit. Today I’ll be talking a site name Kolotibablo. This is a Legit site and they have been paying for more than 12 years. They registered their site in 2007 Still, they are paying. There is no county restriction for the user, so you can work from anywhere in the world.

How to work on the Kolotibablo website?

Working on kolotibablo site is very easy. First, click this link then you need to open an account with your email address then you have to verify your account by clicking the link they will send to your inbox. If you do not get any verification mail, Don’t forget to check out the spam or junk folder. After completing the sign up you can start your earning immediately by solving captchas. Captcha solving is very easy just clicking some random image.

How to work on  Kolotibablo site
How to work on Kolotibablo site

If you have good typing speed then you can earn a lot by input the number or word provided by them. Not only this you can get different types of jobs in that site like liking social media posts, clicking the custom captcha, sign up to the different sites, etc. Most people earn by clicking captcha as there is no chance to make a mistake in that way. But for earning a good amount in captcha typing then you should have good typing speed. They have a mobile app that is available for iOS and Android. It has been downloaded by over 100,000 users from different parts of the world including Brazil, Chile Czech Republic, Mexico & more.

Be careful

if you intentionally make a huge mistake to earn huge money, then your id could be suspended. Don’t worry if you get banned in captcha typing then still you have a captcha clicking option. And you will get back the captcha typing job once you click 10000 captchas. Don’t try to make them fool. You can find some auto captcha-clicking software in the play store don’t use them once they know it your account will be suspended. And you will lose your earning. So be honest with them.

How much you can earn in the captcha solving site?

 How much you can earn  from kolotibablo site
How much you can earn from kolotibablo site

As it is an easy job you can earn a small amount from here. If you are a skilled person then this site is not for you. If you are a person who needs extra money then you can try. With a single captcha solving, you can earn $0.001 – $0.002 cents every time which is not that much but if you solve captchas for hours then it’s really profitable You can earn up to 10$ per day it depends on your typing speed and internet speed. But If you can make huge referrals then you can earn huge money from there. So the more referrals you have the more you can earn. If you can work at night time then you will get a good amount. Remember after a fast few months you will be able good money because by that time you will get good ratings.

How can you get your payment?

MENT METHOD: kolotibablo
PAYMENT METHOD: kolotibablo

You will get so many options to get your payment from this site. You can use Paypal, Payza, Perfectmoney, Advcash, Bank account, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. You can withdraw your money once you earn 1$.

For your better understanding please watch this video. Thank you

Conclusion: I’ve done captcha typing and it’s not as easy or lucrative as some people say. And kolotibablo won’t make you rich, you can do it if you don’t have any skill, but there are much better ways to make money online with your computer. If you’re looking for a way to make more money from home, I would recommend going on Fiverr or Upwork and start developing skills in something that interests you so you can get started building an online career! What type of skills are most valuable? Read this post.