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Make money online by creating email templates.

Ways to earn money online and how to make money without specific skills are common questions I receive on my blog or YouTube comments. Recently, a viewer asked if they can earn money without any skills, just by having a computer and internet connection. If you’re in a similar situation, read on to learn about different methods to earn money without many talents.

Having skills can open up various opportunities to earn money, but there are also methods to earn without specific talents. In this article, I will share a simple method for making money without much knowledge. By using outsourcing platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, and People per Hour, you can earn a decent income without having to possess many talents.

For those who prefer visual learning, you can watch the video below instead of reading.

If you go to Fiverr and search for email template gigs, you will see a lot of options. As the photo below shows, many freelancers are earning a decent income by creating email templates.

email template: fiverr gig
email template : fiverr gig

The question now is, how do they earn money and do you need many skills to make money in this way? The answer is that having skills can help you save time when working on projects, as you may encounter difficulties in meeting buyers’ requirements or addressing issues. However, with the abundance of resources available on the internet, such as blogs and YouTube tutorials, it is possible to find solutions to any problem. If you know how to code, you can solve the problem independently, but if not, you can still find the answer online.

How to make money by creating email templates?

I mentioned earlier that if you know how to code, you can create email templates on your own. However, even if you don’t know how to code, there are still several ways to create email templates and earn good money. In this article, I will show you two methods for easily creating email templates for your clients, using free websites and tools.”

email template : beefree io : email template creator

Beefree is a great website for creating email templates. It offers a variety of pre-designed templates that you can customize to suit your client’s needs. Both paid and free versions are available, but there are also plenty of free templates that you can use. Additionally, if you know how to code, it will make working with the templates much easier.”

Beefree is an online editor for email and webpage templates, which makes it easy to edit and customize templates. It’s user-friendly and requires only drag-and-drop actions. You’ll have access to all the necessary elements to create a professional email template, such as titles, images, videos, links, buttons, row and column dividers, etc.

Envato Elements

Email template : envato elements
Envato Elements: email template

Another method is using a website called Envato Elements. This website is popular among graphic and website designers, as it offers a vast selection of templates for videos, websites, emails, and graphics. It’s a digital asset library that requires purchasing a one-month subscription to access the millions of templates available.

There are several third-party websites that offer Envato Elements subscription packages at a lower cost. By purchasing a one-month subscription from these websites, you will be able to access and download from the millions of items available on Envato Elements. After downloading the template, you can design and customize it to meet your client’s requirements and deliver it to them.