Before getting started you should know what is domain name and domaining. A domain is a digital name or platform of your company or business or your organization. The world is getting small day by day, now you can find everything from your computer or browser. Suppose you have a business and you want a domain for your business name you can register a domain name like or your name is henry and you want a domain name with your name like

Once you registered a domain with any name no one will be able registered that domain again it’s your until you don’t give up while annual renewal. If someone with your same name “henry” wants to register, he has to register something like or anything like that. Because Henry is already taken and no one can register again. But look at the domain is that look good like

No, it’s not, now if henry (1st) wants to sell his domain he can sell it for a huge price. Because a lot of people with the same name wants this good domain name. This way a domain bought with only $8 can be sold by $1xxxx. Hope you got to know how to earn money by keeping domain on your inventory. And this full system is called domaining.

How to earn by domain research:

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domain research: domaining

You can earn a lot of money through domain research. There are lot of people out there who wants to make a website for their business or blog or anything like that, but they don’t have enough time or skill to find or research good domain name. Because most of the domain with a good name or one word is already taken. That’s why people will hire you to find some good names for their company.

Let’s see it visually. Go to the on-search box type domain research, you will find a lot of people have the gig for domain research, and they are successful in selling their services. If you can get some knowledge and experiences for researching domain you can earn a lot of money from All you have to do just sign up on, then make a gig about researching domain and start earning money. This way you don’t have to register a domain just find some good domain name that is not already registered and give your client the list of those domains, that’s it.

How to earn money by domaining or domain investment:

Domain investment is like real estate business you buy a domain and keep it in your inventory for a few years then find your dream buyer and sell it with a huge profit. In this sector, a good domain can change your life. All you need is good research on domain names and some experience.

What can you expect from being a Domainer at beginner level:

In the beginning, all you need to do spend a good bit of your time just for learning and reading. You can read articles from different domaining related forums like and Domaining kind of like real estate business, the more you gather experiences the more possibility to succeed.

How many kinds of domains?

There are different kind of domain you can choose from like;

  • Keyword domain
  • Brandable domain
  • Geographical domain

Keyword domain: A keyword domain is a good combination of some keyword like “”

Brandable domain: Brandable domain is a name without meaning but has great value. For example; Amazon, Alibaba, Uber, TikTok people did not know about this word before but they most popular now.

Geographical domain: Geographic domain is a combination of geographic location and your desire word like;

How to choose a good domain name?

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domaining: how to choose good domain name

Choosing a good domain name is not very hard all you need is a little bit of research on it. You can buy the domain in different ways like:

  • Hand registration
  • Buying premium domains
  • Buying Auctioned domain
  • Buying expired domain

Hand registration domain: This way you buy a brand-new domain from a domain registrar company like,,, and many more or There are a lot of websites where people are buying and selling the domain.  

Premium domains: Premium domains are expensive. It’s like already someone is the owner of a domain that you want to buy. If you have enough money you can buy premium domains and keep in your inventory until you find your dream buyer.

Auctioned domains: There are a lot of websites out there for domain auction. Like GoDaddy, Sedo, epic, Afternic, etc. If you are lucky you can get a good domain name at cheap prices. For that, you should be active all the time on those websites.

Buying expired domain: Domain register company selling their domain if someone is unwilling to pay their renewal fees. You can buy those domains. You can backorder those domains. Whenever it’s available for buying you will be notified. If there are a lot of buyers there will be an auctioned among those buyers.

What you should check before buying a domain name:

There are a lot of things you should check before buying a domain name. If you don’t know those things you have to regret in the future for buying those domain names. So let’s check those things;

  1. Buy Short domain name: Always consider short domain length while buying a domain name. Because a longer domain name is hard to remember. The shorter domain names the more valuable your domain is. Most of the single name domain is already registered. But still, there are some tricks by using those you can buy a good domain name. For example; already gone you can try something like;,, or you can add some prefix, suffixes, adverb, verb or geographical location name, like;, etc
  2. Always consider .com domain: For domain investing always consider buying .com domain name. Maybe most of the single word already gone but use your brain to buy some domain name, because .com domain name is easy to sell. 
  3. Check domain name availability on social media sites: especially if you buy a secondhand or premium domain name always check if it is already blocked by Facebook, Twitter, or other social platform.
  4. Copyright or Trademark issue: Before buying any domain you must check about its trademark or copyright issue. There are a lot of ways to check domain trademark issues. Just search on google.
  5. Choose a good keyword domain: Always try to but a domain that is a good keyword and short and easy to remember. Also, consider pronunciation. A word that makes confused while pronunciation, don’t buy them.
  6. Dash and mix word: Don’t buy a domain that has dash(-) between words to separate them. Although it’s good for SEO. But for investment, you should avoid those domain names. Because domain with a dash(-) it’s hard to sell.

How to know which type of domain I should buy for investment:

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domain appraisal tool: domaining

It’s important to know which type of domain you should buy for investment. 

How to check domain value: For domain investment, you must know the domain value there are a lot of ways to know domain value. Like;

Where to buy the domain for investment:

You can buy domain names from any domain hosting provider if you want a hand registry. But as I said before, Most of the domain with good keyword name already gone. So for the professional way you should buy from both hand registry and old domains(premium, auction, expired). Here are the registrars that you should check and get accounts from if you really want to be a professional Domainer. 

The list I have mentioned above are quite familiar, and you just need an account if you buy a domain from the secondary marketplace. Suppose you bought a domain from any marketplace and it has been registered on Namecheap now the owner you buy from need to push the domain name to your account and that’s why you must need an account with Namecheap.

Domain pushes vs domain transfer:

When you sell a domain, the buyer wants to get ownership of the domain, there are two ways to get domain ownership.

Domain Pushes: If both the client and the seller have their account at the same domain registrar, then there is a great option to change ownership is called “push.” A push is just moving the domain name from one account to another at the same registrar. The great privilege is It’s very fast, there is normally no time structure restrictions on domain pushes. That means that you can register a domain name and you can immediately push that domain to another account without any

restrictions. Just remember domain pushes are only internal to the same registrar.  

Domain transfer:  Domain transfer means to transfer the domain from one registrar to another registrar. Suppose you bought a domain that is registered on Godaddy and you want to take it to your Namecheap account, This time you have to request for domain transfer. Because both are different registrars. If you request a domain transfer you have to pay for the domain transfer, which is completely equivalent to one years’ value of domain registration fees. And also it will lengthen the total period of his registration by one year. One important thing is you are not allowed to transfer a domain between registrars if the domain age is less than 60 days.

Final words for domaining:

Domaining is a wonderful industry. Your honesty, integrity, and your promises follow you throughout your domaining profession. Be realistic when you buy or sell domains. If you want to develop an empire, then you are going to require some help along with the system. It’s important to build a good contact with a large number of personalities as you

make your way in the domain business. Make and keep friendship on the social media platform. The domain business is large enough to make a lot of cash but still small enough to where you can be banished. So, make enough research before you buy anything.