Who knows, the best way to stay anonymous online is to hide behind onions! Haha don’t be confused, I’m not talking about vegetables, this is about a strange internet browser “The Onion Router”. Which you might know as TOR Browner

We all know the structure of the onion, one onion has a lot of covers if you open one cover another cover keeps coming. Tor browser follows this idea to hide your identity. Many cybercriminals around the world, computer gurus, even many ordinary users use Tor browser to get rid of the worry of government, online advertising, personal data.

In this, article, I will discuss how you can stay anonymous online using Tor browser and also I will discuss how much Secure Tor browser is. So what’s the delay? Read the entire post in one breath!

What is Tor Network?

For those who know a little about the Deep Web, the Dark Web may be quite familiar with the Tor Network. Initially, Tor Network is a global network server; Which was developed by the US Navy and specifically designed for users worldwide too, hide their identities online. The Tor Project is a non-payout organization.

To use the Tor network, you basically need a browser called Tor browser. Tor Browner is a browser modified on the Firefox browser that can be downloaded through the Tor project’s official website. Just installing the browser on your system will allow you to connect to this network, no need to set different settings.

How does Tor work?

What we usually do to browse the Internet; we open our favorites browser and enters the web address. Then your request goes from your computer to your ISP’s computer and your ISP requests a page from your requested web server; Once the page is found, they sent it to your computer.

Notice some fact here; Your ISP always knows which site you want to visit, and the site you are visiting also know about your computer and your ISP. Because your IP address is going to the site you are visiting. So this is how our identity gets exposed online, and it doesn’t even hide our activity.

Not just this, but the website you are visiting may have cookies thrown in your browser to track every one of your internet activities. Some sites also use cookies to show you tailored ads to improve the quality of your service; For example, Google or Facebook uses cookies to serve ads to everyone. But some sites may again place cookies in your browser to steal all your data. So you understand how dangerous our personal information is on the internet.

Tor Browser works with Tor Network to get rid of these disadvantages and especially to provide you with online privacy. When you enter an address in the Tor browser to access it; The browser instantly encrypts your traffic and drives that traffic through different Tor servers instead of reaching the webserver directly.

Another thing, Tor does not cover your entire computer’s internet traffic under the Tor network. Only traffic that is visited only by the Tor browser can be hidden. Now suppose your Windows background is updating or any software you have installed is communicating with its server, in this case, it will not work and this traffic will be able to read your ISP. However, you can manage your entire computer traffic through a private server using VPN, even your ISP’s eyes.

How secure is Tor really?

Installing a different plugin in your browser, or malicious code or JavaScript used on a website may leak your information. Also, the site you are visiting should be SSL used site, otherwise, your browsing data may be leaked the d and you may be months scored.

To avoid these problems or to protect your privacy, you must use the default settings of, Tor, so doing something, ng yourself can ruin your privacy or anonymity.

How to use Tor for Anonymous Web Browsing?

As the security of online security is getting worse, the need for anonymous web browsing is constantly increasing. This tor browser is the first choice for many users like me to have atorproject.org. your identity.

Download Tor Browser

You can download and install this tor browser from many sites, but I would recommend official torproject.org . From the official site, you can select many languages of Tor browser, download a package of languages of your choice.

Remember try not to download from another third party website because sometimes the hacker modifies the install file and injects a malicious code that could damage your privacy or security.

Run Tor Browser

After downloading and installing the Tor process, it’s time to run the software. Just like any ordinary software, double-clicking on the Tor icon will run the software. No need to change any settings while installing the software, just install it in the reconditioned setting of the software. The software will first run and try to connect to the Tor network, and it will be connected to the network according to your internet speed, it may take some time to connect, it’s better to wait a bit. Once connected to the Tor network, the browser will run.

Now you are ready to browse safely, all your browsing incoming and outgoing traffic will now be transmitted through the Tor network. And you’ll enjoy safe and anonymous browsing. No site will ever be able to track your original information

Is the Tor browser for you?

If you want to hide online, which means hiding your online identity, then yes, the Tor network is the easiest and most reliable way to do this. Although this can be done using VPN, VPN usually charges for this service but Tor Browser is free for everyone. If you are very aware of your privacy or want to hide your online activity from everyone, Tor can certainly help you a lot. Many hackers use the Tor browser to avoid the government.

Am I fully safe with the Tor browser?

No! Because It’s easier to hack your browser than to hack a Tor network. If you are the target user, the government or the NSA will hack your browser, allowing them to access everything you have. So think 5 times before you do something illegal.

One important thing

If you are thinking of downloading a large file using Tor, forget that Tor will slow down your internet bandwidth speed a lot. In this case, the VPN will be best for you.

Hopefully, the tune was very useful to you, as you learned about the Tor network, how it works, how you can be safe using Tor and maintain your own animus. You can ask me any questions in the comment section.