What exactly is this automation software? These are the software by which you can repeat any task without touching your computer.

Or for Bitcoin Income, you have to catch bait at Freebitco.in you can do this kind of work on your computer only through automation software. That means, once you turn on the automation software, the computer will do the job exactly the same way you have done before.

Without further talking Let’s introduce you to some automation software.

Macro Dollar

Do not think the name again, this software will give you money. This is an automation software that is very old and simple software. This software is called macro software because it can record the function of both your mouse and keyboard. The latest has added a new feature called Shake. However, this feature is rarely used. However, this macro dollar made by the French and it is different from others. You can try it out.

Download macro dollar


WinMacro is close to the macro dollar in terms of age. But this old thing can work just as it always has. Just 3 steps to record files, browse record and location. To record, you have to press the record button, press the pause/break button from the keyboard to stop the record.

When you want to redo the previous task or need to do it, simply click on Browse and select the log file and press the playback button. The previous work will be done. Press Ctrl + ESC when you need to cancel the job.

Download winMacro


You may have been scared to hear the name. Will this mouse ghost scare me? Haha Not so much. This is a very simple automation software. It has only 2 buttons. A play button another record button. However, it has a special feature. That is, even if the computer is turned off, it will do all the work in the form of a list while turning On. That means multiple tasks can be listed.

Download ghost mouse

Do It Again

The name seems to make you understand what it actually does. I mean, once you did a job, you had to do it again. So there’s not much to say about it. However, the advantage is that you do not have to load any logs like the ones above. If you double-click on whatever you need to run, it runs.

Download Do it again

Mini Mouse Macro

It can be found on Source Forge, an open-source macro software. From other software it’s looping, repeating, keyboard and mouse action is very simple and works well. In addition, there is a mouse checkbox where you can change the mouse’s x.y movement, or add it.

Download mini mouse macro

Macro Toolworks Free

There are 3 versions of Macro Toolworks. These are free, standard and professional. It is a very powerful macro software that can handle more than one hundred macro commands. It can be used as variables, image finding, email sending, FTP and Windows manipulating.

Download macro tool works free

Mouse Recorder Pro

This software is created by a talented young man from Israel. It’s very easy. It has five easy-to-understand buttons that kids will understand as well. It also has plugin support.

Download mouse recorder pro


The name of the Tiny Task software is as small as its size is only 33 kilobytes. It’s not a small thing that will make it bad, The resolution is small to measure its graphical interface. It has 6 buttons for recording, playing, compiling, repeating, etc. Besides, you can change the speed as you like.

Download Tinytask 

Perfect Automation

Perfect automation is a very powerful software designed for script editors, launchers, scheduler keyboards, and mouse recorders that are suitable for beginners and experienced users. This little software is really very easy for automation when programmers create their own commands. Perfect automation can record mouse events. You will find hundreds of types of automating operations already created inside the script editor.

Download perfect automation

Pulover’s Macro Creator

This is my first choice among these free automation software. It follows the Auto Hotkey Language. It uses very little memory but very efficient software. It has start/stop, recording/playback, customized hotkeys, scheduler speeding up options. In a word, it’s great automation software.

Download Pulover’s Macro Creator