learn programming language for free in 2020:

Programming Language has a huge demand in Data Science, Machine Learning, web development, system administration, and many more. In this article, I will discuss the 14 best free websites to learn programming languages in 2020. So without further talking let’s begin.

1. Kaggle

If you are willing to learn data science, then the Kaggle website is best for you. Kaggle has a micro-course for data science. Hope if you visit you will like their course, and this website will help you to become a data scientist. This website has more than 14 series of classes and each class of 5-10 lessons. This good site is totally free and you don’t have to install any extra software to learn this course.

Kaggle has a built in notebook to write and test your code. Kaggle is great for learning Python, and SQL Machine learning.

Code can be run or test from browserOnly 15 coursesKeras
Adjusted courseOnly data scienceSQL
Progress meterPython
No advertisementTensorFlow

2. Stanford University

Learn programming Language_see
Learn programming Language_see

All courses or materials of Stanford University are not free but they have huge free courses from Stanford Engineering Everywhere (SEE). And all those courses have been published under a creative commons license. You can use any material for free. And also these are open for reuse. To know visit the creative commons license document.

They run their computer programming class according to the University’s rule and all those classes are very professional and deeply discussed. If you are willing to take a degree in computer science this course will help you indeed.

Professional courseTo write or test code you need an IDEJava
Creative common licenseVery formalMachine learning
Video and Transcript

3. Dash by General Assembly

Learn programming Language:General Assembly
General Assembly: Learn programming Language

General Assembly is an online learning platform where most of the courses are paid. But they have an online course name dash which is totally free. But don’t think it’s a worthless course. If you have a little bit of knowledge of programming language then you must know the importance of dash programming language for any web developer.

This course layout is very informative. Each course is made by a slideshow and Q&A forum. They followed project style to make this course. The more lessons you finish, the more skill you can learn. This course has a  total of 5 projects and one side project. By learning those projects you can gain a total of 82  different kinds of skills.

Let’s know the pros and cons of this course:

Write and Run code from BrowserEntry level courseJavaScript
Project basedLimited contentJquery

4. StudyTonight:

If you have a habit of reading then the Studytonight website is a perfect online learning platform for you. No matter which kind of programming language you want to learn, you will get every kind of programming language on this website. On this online learning platform, every course has huge content (as I said people like to read then this website is for you).

Also studytonight online platform has a YouTube channel, where you can find a lot of tutorial about  learning programming language.  But if you like to Read more than watch then this website is perfect for you because Beside learning you will find so much research here on this website. 

Let’s know the pros and cons of this online learning platform.:

Write and run code from BrowserAdvertisementJava
College level courseArticle based coursePython
YouTube videosC and C+
Android appSQL

5. JavaTPoint

Learn Porgramming Language JavaTpoint
Learn Porgramming Language JavaTpoint

JavaTPoint is a similar Online learning platform like studytonight. They have one shop technology and programming language course among those drafting, AI, DevOps, soft skills, blockchain, data mining are my favorite.

They designed a fantastic course layout, But the Boring  thing is  this website has advertisements and most of them are animated advertisements. The good thing is they have browser based IDE  and even browser based compiler. So I hope this website will help you to find your course which you want to learn.

Let’s know the pros and cons of the JavaTPoint platform.

Nice layoutSo much advertisementC and C+
Many coursesJava
Browser based IDEPython
Browser based compilerCSS
Text and videoSQL

6. Mozilla

Mozilla is a Technology-based organization.  They have large projects among those Firefox Web browsers are the famous one. They want to help those people who want to learn a programming language,  and that’s why they made developer.mozilla.org. As this learning platform is developed by Mozilla, there should not be any doubt on their layout and level of the teaching method. You can start your programming language journey by learning HTML then you can be a front-end and Back-end web developer from this  Platform. I can say Mozilla has a total guideline for a beginner who wants to learn programming language free. 

Let’s know their good and bad side:

Major authorityOnly web developmentHTML
Browser-based IDEMost of them are text based contentCSS
Beginner to advanced levelPython/Django
Use resourcesnode.js
Developer community JavaScript

7. W3schools

Learn programming Language: w3schools.com
Learn programming Language: w3schools.com

If you know what programming language is, then you must know about W3schools.com . I think there will be no one who doesn’t know about w3schools if they really are a programming lover. And that’s why they call W3schools, the king of online programming language learning platforms. Also, W3schools claimed themself as the biggest online web development site. Personally I believe that, Because every web developer must visit W3schools once in their life.

This website is not only limited to web development but also you can learn server-side technology, C+, Raspberry Pi programming language from this website. W3schools has a wonderful layout or interface for learning programming languages. Beginners or advanced level programmers can get help from this website. Personally I like W3schools.com, no matter how busy I am I used to visit this website at least once a day. And I found there are no bad or cons on this website.

8. Google

No! I am not telling you to search on google for finding your course. Here, I am talking about Google because, like Mozilla, they are also thinking about developers. That’s why they are making courses in web development and artificial intelligence.

Google echo system has a lot of courses from where you can learn any course you want and those are free of cost. All those courses are very professional. Not only the echo system they have a lot of other platforms to learn from like;

So what are you waiting for go and learn programming language for free?

9. Microsoft

Like Google, Microsoft has a lot of tutorials and projects for learning programming languages. And the good point is all those courses are totally free and very professional. So, visit Microsoft learning and learn programming language free.

Let’s talk good and bad side of microsoft Learning:

Major AuthorityMicrosoft BasedC#
Certification Need External IDE for codingAzure
Free Azure sandboxText Based course.NET
Lot of coding sampleSandbox learning only from desktopPython
XP, Badges, Trophies awardSQL
Learn programming Language

10. edX

Now the website I am talking about is called edX. They have a huge collection of course to learn programming language free. You can take certificates and degrees at little cost from this website. They have both free and paid courses.

The trainers on this website are very professional and they came from famous organizations/companies. 

Let’s know pros and cons of edX learning platform;

University Level courseNeed basic knowledgeMost of the programming Languages
Certificate & degreesMachine Learning
Text & Video based course
Downloadable resources
Forum for problem discussion
Application for android and IOS

11. Coursera

Learn programming language coursera
Learn programming language coursera

edX and Coursera both are similar websites. Both have free and paid courses, and both are professional. Coursera also has a huge collection of courses to learn programming language free. If you don’t need certificates or degrees then you can take almost every course for free of cost.

12. freeCodeCamp

The website now I am going to talk about is freeCodeCamp. freeCodeCamp claims that since 2014 more than 40,000 people graduated from their platform and now most of them are doing jobs in famous companies like; Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Spotify, and many more.

From this website, you will get more than 5,000 resources and courses about computer science, programming and it related. In my personal opinion, freeCodeCamp is the best free online learning platform in 2020. They have everything you need for being a professional programmer. They are great for the following reasons;

  • Professional courses
  • Certification
  • Video Lecture
  • Build in IDE
  • Q&A
  • Alumni network
  • Huge collection of courses

13. The Odin Project

The Odin Project has everything you need to be a full-stack web developer. And every course here is open source and you can collect it from Github. The website is run by a developer community who learned programming from this website and that’s why they are very friendly and you will get every kind of help from this website. You will get high-quality courses. They have Browser-based IDE to practice code. They are familiar with portfolio-based learning.

14. SkillShare

Skillshare is becoming popular day by day and I think the reason behind is they have both long and short duration online courses. And all these courses made by people like you and me. It is a platform where anyone can share any skill.  Most of the courses are free.

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